Never Pay to Earn Online

I have been asked by many – both in real and virtual life – if they can pay money to be members of some websites that promise online jobs! I don’t blame them for their ignorance, as I was in the same situation a few years ago. Whenever I saw an ad or an e-mail from such hoax websites, I used to get lured. After all, who doesn’t need easy money working from home?

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Jobs? Tips? Tricks? No, Thanks!

Thankfully, however, I never fully believed them and made up my mind not to shell out a penny for earning ‘jobs’ or to learn ‘tips and tricks’.  I was constantly exploring options to earn online as a source of extra income. Finally I found a couple of sites, earned a bit, and then they closed down. Some banned me (of course, it’s a part of their strategy so that they need not pay!).

Perseverance Pays

After years of struggle and exploration, I finally could earn some decent amount online, working in my leisure hours and without stressing myself much. Some may feel it’s very less an amount to be so happy about, but believe me, I’ve not put in so much effort at all. It’s like a bonus whatever I got. And yes, I did not pay them for me to earn! Now that the site doesn’t seem so promising, I set out hunting again and I found Day2DayTips. Again, this is one of those sites that don’t ask you a penny to join or to process your payments!


So, before joining any website and spending your time on it, make sure you take care of the below mentioned points.

  • Do NOT pay anything
  • Go though the site and read their TOS
  • Search on the net for news and reviews about the site
  • Try to figure out who is behind the site
  • Wait for a few weeks or months and observe, before you invest your time

There is no  need of any study or research regarding websites that ask for fees to offer you jobs. Just make it a point – DO NOT PAY ANYTHING, EVER!

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9 thoughts on “Never Pay to Earn Online”

  1. I’ve seen a lot of dubious sites promising exorbitant amounts of cash and benefits just as long as you give them a certain amount. Well, some financial models are like this. Some are legitimate but others are not. I would rather not risk anything.

    • That’s right. Such legit ones may be one in thousand, but I wouldn’t care to risk it. I am happy earning modest amount without investing my money.. Just yesterday I came across another such site that promised to share secrets of making money online!!

  2. Great advice. There are too many scams these days that promise lucrative earnings. Asking people to pay in order to earn is a major red flag to look out for when searching for online income opportunities, in my opinion.

  3. this is good. but in some sites you can buy or pay for higher status of membership. I think one of the most practical sites is Clixsense. If I am not in an Asian country and if I have surveys, I might upgrade my status so I can get more survey oppoturnities.

    • Very rightly pointed out. We Asians lose out on a lot of online earning opportunities. Swagbucks is a good example where US members earn decent money and Asians have very few chance there. Hope Day2DayTips fills this gap!


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