My Personal Experience on Legit or Scam

Update: By the end of 2014, I stop writing on Bubblews. Bubblews stopped it revenue sharing program and eventually shut down. I made over $1k there in the shortest period, compare to other writing sites I’ve joined so far. I am always thankful to the founder of Bubblews.

Hello, I am back guys. I have good news to share to you today. We are constantly in search for legit sites so that we can make money online fast without the second thought whether we will be paid for our effort or not. Sometimes, we unfortunately worked hard for nothing, that’s why we need to be extra careful in joining sites that promise to pay us the amount we deserve from them.

What is and Why I Recommend this Site to You?


I recommend to you because I have earned over $100 on Bubblews without headache. You don’t have to be a top natch writer nor a professional blogger. The founder of Bubblews wants to bring back the original face of blogging few years ago. Everyone is entitled to blog, whether he can write a flawless article or not. Everyone is entitled to write any topic he wants to share to people on Bubblews. The requirements are simple: Speak freely and write your world. You don’t have to pass a quality check in order to make your article live, as long as it’s originally written by you and over 400 characters!

Speak Freely and Write Your World

Arvind, the founder and CEO of Bubblews, wants you to speak freely. You are encouraged to write anything that you love to talk about. If you have a favourite recipe to share, you can write about it and spice it up with your awesome ideas. If you love gardening, then you can write about it and make money from it. This was blogging before – a personal journal of your favourite topics, activities, hobbies or experiences. You are not obliged to follow SEO rules and all the search engine optimization tricks. You can write anything from your own words.

Bubblews: Blogging or Bubbling?

When you blog, you are called a blogger, you are blogging for topics that you wanted to share to your targeted audience. Yet, blogging nowadays is a serious stuff to deal with. Blogging is business, and it turned out to be a business venture for most of us rather than a personal journal. Honestly, if you will ask me, I started COD as a business, not a personal blog. I cannot write any topic that I want. I make sure that all topics that I will publish in this blog are related to my niche: making money online. A writer or member on Bubblews is called a Bubbler, and he is Bubbling his world. You can share anything on Bubblews under the sun, yes, and that makes Bubblews a community for all ordinary people like me and you who just want to share their personal experiences without any expertise in writing or blogging.

What is Bubbling?

Thoughts are like bubbles according to Arvind. There are small and big bubbles. Bubblews came from the words bubbles and news. A Bubbler can share different bubbles – mostly of his interests and experiences in life – he is then bubbling. Bubbling is the new term for blogging on Bubblews because it’s more personal than blogging. Bubbling is what blogging few years ago. But bubbling is more than sharing and that what makes Bubblews very special to me.

Making Money on Bubblews Fast and Free!


Most of us are looking for legit ways to make money online. But most of the legit ways require effort and dedication. Bubblews is just a leisure habit during your past times. You don’t have to do keyword research and do similar thing. You can make money by simply writing beautiful experiences in your life in 400 characters or more and you earn from page views, social media shares, comments, likes and dislikes from other bubblers. When your bubble goes viral naturally outside Bubblews, you have the potential to make a passive income. Today, Bubblews is indexed by Google several times a minute and some bubbles go on the first page of Google search results.

Bubblews Rules and Terms of Use:

Bubblews presents very simple rules to follow. In less than 5 minutes, you can finish reading the terms of use. These are simple rules without excuses not to follow all of them. You are simply encouraged to write original bubbles. Bubblews does not allow plagiarism. If you plagiarized contents from elsewhere, you are not getting paid. You are not allowed to solicit likes and comments, do share your bubbles on social media naturally. If you are sharing awesome bubbles, then it will become big and viral. You can connect to other bubblers, as many as you want, but you are not allowed to solicit views and comments. Find good connections to support you without asking them to do so.

Conclusion: My Personal Opinion and Experiences on Bubblews!


Bubblews is legit. I have earned and paid 7 times on Bubblews as of this date. But for some, Bubblews is scam, but honestly, Bubblews is honest about not paying for those members who are violating its simple rules. It is clear that it’s not allowed to create an exchange groups, but several members created exchange groups though they have defined it as mere groups of writers. But it’s substance over form. The form says it’s not an exchange group but the substance tells the truth. Aside from that, most bubblers face an issue of plagiarism, so Bubblews is very welcome to those honest members who will share their own written contents.

One more thing, Bubblews has a real time report for your earnings, you will see your money grows every time you check “The Bank” – it’s rewarding. Unlike other revenue sharing web 2.0 sites, you don’t have to wait several months to earn on Bubblews. After sharing your first bubble, cents will start pouring into your pocket.

Do you want to share your world and make money out from your ideas, whether it’s big or small? Think about joining Bubblews and proudly share your first bubble.

Update: My Bubblews Payment Proof
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Prime Aque is the back-end guy of Self-Help. He is a blogger and WordPress front-end designer. Importantly, he is a husband and a father of three wonderful kids. His firstborn are twin girls. He loves writing and sharing.

25 thoughts on “My Personal Experience on Legit or Scam”

  1. Well, the guys at Bubblews are getting pretty sloppy. Either it’s by design or really they have some big problems. And GOD HELP YOU if you have some redemption problems! Just look at the support page: “We are a brand new company attempting something that is so big and bold that no one has attempted it before. We will get to all payments and process the ones of the people who DID follow the rules. However, if you cannot be patient enough to allow Bubblews to get through these growing pains, then I suggest you LEAVE Bubblews until we can process your payment or wait until version 3.0 of the website which will be a LOT smoother and automatic.
    Keep in mind that is a FREE service, you do not pay us to use it, but we strive to try and make sure we deliver a quality service. Thank you.
    STOP SPAMMING us and let us do our jobs or we will be forced to remove your accounts. Thank you. ”
    Now, what’s really worrisome is the threat to remove your account! So basically, you write a lot of stuff for them, then they have “problems” and you get “removed”. Quacks like a duck to me.
    And this thing about “a FREE service, you do not pay us to use it” is pretty ingenuous. There is an AGREEMENT between the user and Bubblews that they will PAY you. Sounds pretty fraudulent to me when they stop paying you.

  2. ya you are quite right in summong the information regarding the those experiences with us telling us about the bubble stuff and blogger etc and thanks for your opinions with us..

  3. It’s almost certainly not a scam. Poorly run at worst. If it was a scam, instead of blatantly stealing from a percentage of your users, lie about the revenue share percentages and pay out 10% while calling it 50%.

  4. I have seen many sites which pay its members and so to Bubblews. One bad thing is that not every member is paid since many including me have never been paid. You seem to have had luck with that but hope its no more.. I have written my personal base review about Bubblews and many more sites who appear scam and I pray that bubblews stays clean or styles up otherwise, the tough is on the way.

      • You seem to be ignoring the fact that MANY people who follow the rules HAVE NOT BEEN PAID.
        To promote participation in an enterprise that seeks to commit theft of intellectual property is fraudulent at least.

        • Yeah, I miss talking about people who followed the rules but still miss their payments. Actually, the Bubblews team have stated that growing pains in one of their posts – they are understaffed in the meantime. It took time to process all the request they received everyday and they are asking members to extend their patience. And you know, not all redemption are delayed – a connection of mine has at least 7 redemption paid out of 12, the rest are pending – but Bubblews has promised members that they are working on it. Am sharing this because it’s my personal experience, which I am paid on Bubblews – but the final decision is yours. Join or not, stay or leave.

  5. I have been there for more than three months.. They paid initially for sure…. and then I found a lot of people leaving the site for nonpayment issues. The worst part was people who complained had their articles deleted.
    I have my first 13 redeems(payout s) paid.. however, the next six have been pending.. they don’t even respond to your mails.. A scam means they get you to trust and then they cheat you.. that fits the experience of many a bubbler.
    Though their rules seem to be easy to follow ..,, there is more unsaid than said.
    They handle these issues very unprofessionally by threatening you with deletion of your account.
    It is as though they are doing you a favor paying you.. They seem to forget that they make money because you write, read, like and comment. This site is bound to fail it it doesn’t change its ways.

  6. (a message from COD Admin: Please use your good judgment in considering the comment below, but for me, is not scam, I never miss any payment on – Prime Aque)

    I joined Bubblews in good faith on July 30, 2013, but, as it turns out, it is indeed a scam. No website could afford to pay ALL its contributors $0.01 per interaction (view, ‘like’, ‘dislike’, comment etc.), anyway. Impossible!
    This is my experience of Bubblews:
    Yesterday (November 30, 2013), I deleted all of my Bubblews posts because Bubblews had been earning from them, but had never paid me a cent. I awaited three redemptions dating back to September 9, 2013. I’m rather angry, since I always paid utmost attention to Bubblews’ rules: even every photo I ever published was completely my own, taken with my own camera especially for whichever post it was intended to illustrate. The money made from this work has subsequently been pocketed by Bubblews.
    I went through all the appropriate and recommended channels in order to claim payment, but to no avail. Bubblews ignored my each and every email.
    It would have made sense had Bubblews unpublished my posts and deleted my account. It would have meant I’d done something wrong. But, until yesterday, my account remained, my posts remained, and Bubblews continued to profit from them.
    What I most loathe about what Bubblews is doing, is how it gets contributors’ hopes up, then leaves them bitterly disappointed by breaking its promise of payment. Even worse, it’s a complete waste of people’s time and energy. These people, who had contributed in good faith, could have (actually) earned elsewhere during the time they were writing for Bubblews. From what I can ascertain to date, most victims of Bubblews, although not all, seem to be based outside the United States, with contributors in Asia being the hardest hit.
    I have reported Bubblews to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center for fraud, and, working for several print and online publications, have begun to publicize my experience.
    If you are a victim of the Bubblews scam, you can report Bubblews to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center IC3 here: The information required about Bubblews–at least that requested on the form–can be found here: The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center accepts complaints from all over the world, and the more people who do complain, the better!
    The most surprising thing about this scam is that Google Adsense allows itself to be involved—Google Adsense is Bubblews’ main source of income. Of course, this income wouldn’t be possible without the people who have been invited to contribute to Bubblews’ website under false pretences—that in itself is a criminal offence.

  7. Bubblews is a scam! They have selective payments. I had 6 missing payments ($160), deleted 4 of my most viewed, liked and commented posts without explanations at all. My posts were consistently featured in the front page and top news. I haven’t violated anything. I emailed several times but didn’t get a proper response from them. It’s not worth our time! They are definitely a joke!

  8. Ive been running 3 blog sites where i constantly posted my articles or topics.. the one is from wordpress more than 2 yrs ago now.. then one from blogspot which i just recently update.. then one on the name iamprl.. its searchable on google.. honestly , I dont get paid from posting to these sites. My question is.. would i be still and repost my articles and link them from my other sites cos i registred myself few days back .? .pls enlighten me on this. I would appreciate any help. thanks

    • just also want to inform you that i used 2 emails to registering at bubblews.. the first acct was deleted for violation in the sense that i didn’t read their rules or anything before i proceeded with my acct.It was not intentional violation.


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