My kid is Shy…. How can I help him/her?

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As a parent one of our concern is how to help our kids to develop their self –esteem. Is praising them helps them to develop their self confidence?

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What are the things we can do to help them to develop this important aspect of a growing up child? Having self confidence helps them to easily cope up, interact and understand things around them. They can easily express their selves, share their opinion and ideas in any issues and matter.

In developing their self confidence:

It is very important to allow our kids to show their creativity, help them to be more creative by exchanging with them the idea for example in arts. Or you can start a conversation to let them express their opinion and thoughts about something.

Encourage them to discover their talents and skills. Do not show them the disappointment if they can’t present there selves well or for example failed to get good grades.

Do not compare them to others, let them discover their sense of being unique and guide them to explore more things that will help them to gain more confidence.

Those are simple mommy tips coming from your day2day partner…. Mommy Lane

Photo thanks and credited to:  PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay

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8 thoughts on “My kid is Shy…. How can I help him/her?”

  1. Thank you for sharing this Sis, you are right with that, praising a child for his small achievement will boost his self confidence, my sister is a very shy girl too that’s why I am always acknowledging her for doing good things so she will slowly developed self confidence.

    • small praises are huge victories for children. Some children crave for attention and when we miss out on these special moments they may feel neglected. And it may manifest in a more pronounce when they grow up. i don’t want to sound so Freudian but there’s some truth to this.

  2. These are really sensible tips my friend. Although I have a degree in Child Development it is still different when we are dealing with our own kids. Theories are one thing but implementing it can be a tad more difficult. We must adjust to our child’s specific uniqueness.

    I am fortunate that my daughter is growing up to be a socially healthy kid. Of course at 3 years old I can expect difficult behavior. I suppose what I am saying is that parents need to understand the development of their child and make child appropriate actions.

  3. exactly the point. very nice. they will outgrow their shyness eventually, just motivate them to participate and meet more friends.

    I am not sure but you know I think letting the kids play with other kids help a lot. I mean like in a public playground and so on. hmm.. a nice research…

  4. We need to take our kids to places where they experience new things. We have to also try to see things as our kids would. Keep a open communication with they so we know how they are doing and that way we can learn what they need and how to help them.


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