My Dream Wedding…Will Always be a Dream

We all have dreams on what we would like to have at our wedding. Too bad for me I may never experience my own wedding but I did my experience all of my 3 brother’s weddings.  I even helped in the preparations but especially my younger brother’s. But I’ll talk about that later.

We all have plans but God has His. I had always thought of my wedding but I guess it’s too late now that I am in my 50’s.

But if you asked me what I would have wanted, here are the things I wish I had.

  • The wedding would be in my town church, a national heritage church.
  • A simple not too expensive but not too cheap either affair.
  • I wanted a May wedding because flowers are in bloom.
  • My cousin a priest would officiate with a few close Monsignor friends.
  • My motif would be lilac/lavender and soft yellow but the flowers would be assorted in bold colors.
  • Just enough entourage like 3-4 flower girls and 3 bridesmaid plus the regular needed entourage. Also just 4-7 pairs of main sponsors.
  • The reception would be here in my hometown, in the new air conditioned hall.
  • I would want the guests to be from all over, friend, relatives and people I know max of 300 like my brothers’.
  • Decoration of the reception would be May Flower Festival.
  • Non political affair 🙂
  • The most important was to walk down the aisle holding my father’s arm. (now I’m crying :'( )

Maybe because my father died when I was 17 that God decided if I could not walk down the aisle with my father, then it’s better I not get married.

Just a simple affair but it will only always remain a dream for me :). And best part…dreams are free.



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