My 4th Month Here On Day2Day Tips – A Review


Wow how time flies. It has been 4 months today Since I joined this wonderful site. I was hesitant at first and was not sure if I could make good posts. I was not sure I could deliver what they want and expect. Well maybe I did do something right. I don’t make as many posts because I carefully choose what I want to write. I write for a few other sites. One site you can write almost anything under the sun or moon, they don’t even really check the spelling or English or grammar. I may not be perfect either but I try my best and check my work. Even if it has been posted and I see a mistake even a small one, I would edit it. I use the small tools to check spelling and grammar.

My experience here has been great. I am glad some of my articles were good and I even have won in some of their contests. Like I said each sire has different rules, I like this because they are kind of strict on what we write and they encourage us to improve our spelling and grammar especially our English.

This is just my 105th post. I know on the other site I have more than 1200 posts but I have been there almost 2 years. So I hope I can make more here in 2 years because I have a good feeling this site will be here that long and longer. I have also earned $15.12 in monthly and winning in prizes. Now they have more incentives. Another good thing is they pay monthly and it is instant pay, no need to wait and you can earn as much as you can.

I have also shared to friends and a few have joined but sad to say not as active. I just also recommended to another person and I hope she joins. I like to take note of the day I join a site and see the outcome after a month or a few months. So far this has been a good 4 months. I always try to make sure I can make 30+ posts in a month = 1 post a day at least, but there are times I can make more when my creative juices start to flow.

I have learned a lot from the other articles the other members have posted. Most of them are great and some I have never heard of so I learned something new. When I started this site just newly opened and we were barely 80 members now it says 29o active members but there are other members not active so it probably means we have over 300 members.

With the incentives they give, it encourages to make articles with the tips they give to help us.It is only 150 words that is needed but I noticed they pay a little more for articles with 300 words, 500 and 8oo words. So I try to make mine with more information and tips to reach one of those rates.

So Happy 4th month anniversary to me and I can’t wait for my 1 year anniversary here but of course will make an update on my 6th month to see how far I’ve gone. 2 more months to go!

I would encourage other writers to join and feel free to check out my link:


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single mom. I love to cook, read books and most esp., I love dogs. I also love to blog, been blogging since 2012 but still learning. I write blogs for 5 different sites so I am getting more experienced.

8 thoughts on “My 4th Month Here On Day2Day Tips – A Review”

  1. Wow! Your one of the motivators wrote to us since the day we launched and it is a great feeling reading this very inspiring post that motivate us to work hard to make this site stable and home for many. Happy 4th month Tita and thank you so much for the continuous support. God Bless.

  2. Thank you for sharing your tips. I’ve only been on the site for a month of so and have very few posts right now but I am slowly building them.


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