Moto G 4G: Review

The Moto G was the perfect buy for any budget and any class of people across the globe. It created several records like the highest selling Motorola Brand till date. Furthermore apart from the advantages and features it had, we did miss the expandable memory slot in the phone to enable the user experience more. Now, there is a chance for you to grab new Moto G 4G with expandable Memory storage up to 32 GB. The deal is here from June 3, 2014. You can book it in Amazon website now. The New Moto G with this important update will provide you a memory card slot under the battery cover. In addition to that, there is an advantage of having 4G in this new version of Moto G, thus, with new 4G feature it has been named as Moto G 4G. The addition of 4G feature will put Moto G 4G in the niche class of Mobile Manufacturers. Motorola has already created history with the launch of Moto G. Now with Moto G 4G for about £100 is a great deal to buy. So, if your budget matches the amount, then don’t wait, just grab this phone. Now, if your budget is even lesser than £100 then, you can buy newly launched Moto E. another great android at the best possible rate for you with almost all features barring front camera at just around £80. So, this is another promising launch from the house of Motorola. With having such a Low Price with almost every feature is a great deal for any customer with low budget. Hence, this phone too will have a lot of fans for sure across the globe as it is selling heavily, reaching to the masses. We can expect some more Motorola phones to rule the market in near future as Samsung has failed to deliver any great deals for the consumers, while Nokia is busy having some idea about the android phones, trying to break the image of only a windows phone.

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  1. I have read good reviews about this mobile phone. Being inexpensive and yet still works perfectly as any other smartphone, this should win the hearts of the people. My only regret was not being able to find one when I wanted to buy a new mobile phone.


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