Money Worries? Here’s 10 Ways To Make More

money worries

They say money isn’t everything. But ‘they’ are clearly the kind of people that have never struggled financially. Because the saying money makes the world go round is right in so many different ways. Money is key to survival. So when you have none, or very little, it can cause you a lot of stress. When you’re struggling to get by, it’s tempting to bury your head. Money worries are something that nobody wants to deal with, but ignoring them never makes them go away. Instead, you have to look your problems in the eye and tackle them head on.

When you’ve got money worries, there’s often only one real solution to your problems, and that’s to make more. But that’s so much easier said than done. However, you do have to remember that it is doable. You may not be able to make your worries go away overnight, but you can start to ease them away over time. To do that, you need to get your hands on some extra cash. So if you’re looking for ways to top up your income and keep yourself afloat, here are ten ways that you can make more money going forwards.

  1. Have A Clear Out

First of all, one of the places that you can look to get a little more money is around your house. Although you may thinking of get rich quick schemes, one of the best ways you can top up your finds is to have a clear out. When you sell your old stuff, you can often get a good chunk of money back – especially if you’ve not had a clear out in a long time. So start hunting through what you have and see if you can get a little money back.

  1. Go Shopping

Once you’ve got the hang of selling your old stuff online and you start to make a bit of money out of it, you may want to think about making some more. But when you run out of stuff, you may think that your work there is done. However, you can head out to second-hand shops and even hunt online as well to find pieces that you can resell to make some more money from.

  1. Ask For A Raise

Next, with a few of the at-home methods of making money covered off, you might want to think about getting more money at work. So, if you feel like you can, ask for a raise. After looking at the gender pay gap reporting, you may believe that you’re entitled to more. Or, if you’re a hard-worker and you’ve never had a pay rise, now could be the perfect time to ask if it’s what you think you deserve.

  1. Or Get A New Job

If you feel as if you’re not making enough money in your job, and you’re not able to get a pay rise or a promotion in your current place of work, you may want to think about getting a new job. This could be moving up in the kind of job that you’re already doing, or starting something completely new. As long as you’re looking at earning more money overall, you should be on the right track with whatever it is you go for.

  1. Or Even Get A Second Job

If you’re happy in the job that you have, and you still want to make more, you could think about getting a second job. Second jobs can be tough and will leave you time short, but they can be a great way to top up your funds. Whether you want to do something seasonal, or even casual like delivery driving or waiting, or even something flexible in care, you will be able to start earning more money right away.

  1. Start A Side Hustle

Next, you could also think about the ways in which you can make money for yourself on the side. You don’t have to launch your own business off the bat, but there are ways that you can make money around your job, doing work from home. Freelance writing or blogging, making different crafts, or even charging for a service that you can provide are all great ways to make extra cash on the side.

  1. Do Extra Jobs For People You Know

Then, you could also think about doing something similar, but in your local area. If you’re a good cleaner, or handy person, you may be able to make some cash by doing jobs for people that you know. You may even be able to do your own kind of care by doing washing or running errands for the elderly in your community.

  1. Earn Money Online

But charging for a skill you have isn’t the only way that you can make money online. You can earn money on the interest in lots of ways. One of the easiest ways to make money quickly is to do things like surveys online or even fill out reviews. You may have to give some of your time to do this, but you will get some compensation that makes it worthwhile.

  1. Create Something

Then, you could also look into creating something. Crowdfunding is huge and a really great way to raise some capital. If you have a good idea for a product, you can start a campaign to get people to invest that will help you to move forwards with your idea and get paid in the process.

  1. Cut Back Where You Can

And finally, although it’s not technically a way to make more money, it will still leave you with more money going forwards. Cutting back where you can will allow you to save money. So make sure you eliminate any unnecessary expenses when you’re struggling. But at the same time, you should look into ways that you can earn more as you cut back. By finding a bank account that pays you, and using cashback sites as you shop, you can also earn money for doing things that you would usually do in life anyway.

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