Money saving tips with a systematic and well-planned approach

  1. Avoid  unnecessary  shopping or limit shopping.

When you go for outing with your family, will have the tendency to go to malls and go for shopping.If possible purchase only necessary things.While going with family along with kids, the shopping may extend upto hours leading to the extra spending of money.Make children understand how to do shopping,instead of purchasing whatever they see also make them understand the value of money. Reduce unnecessary shoppings to save money.

2. Make a list of items to be purchased from grocery shop .

The itms which got over should be noted Maintain this and take this list while going to the grocery shop.This will help unwanted purchase and will help to save your money.

  1. Avoid payment dues with fees.

Bill payments should be made on time to avoid payment dues with fine.

4. Control the consumption of electricity .

When not needed switch off  the lights,heaters,motors  and fans and all other electric equipments to save electricity. In  India, the rate is calculated per unit usage and it will go into different slab rates.To avoid this be cautious.One unit difference will have to spend in multiples of hundreds.

5. Food at restaurants and hotels

Try to make food at home.Restaurant food cannot be avoided when it is too necessary.Never make it a habit as it is not good health and also give way to spend money.

6. Well planning needed while going for a trip.

Well planning regarding the trip is needed to have a journey without wasting your money.There are travel packages which includes night and day stay along with food .Enquire about all these and arrange a convenient trip.The wastage of money for food will not be wasted as it is included in the package.

7. Maintain monthly savings.

Try to keep a fixed amount as savings monthly along with expenditure by joining savings schemes or depositing in bank.

Try to incorporate more and more of these tips into your life.The savings will add up and don’t get surprised if  you could save thousands in a month.




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