Monetizing Blog Content Without Ads

It’s definitely not end of the world if you lost Adsense account or any other ads program on your blog.

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Without ads displayed on your blog, you still able to make money with consistent traffic flow.

If you have decent traffic go into your blog, you don’t need to worry not able to make money.

There always an alternative ways that could monetize blog even without Adsense, Chitika, Infolinks or other ads programs inside.

You  need quality blog contents and high amount of traffic, then money will flow into your bank account automatically.

Introduce affiliate sales within your blog content. You can become a affiliate and rewards commissions once sale happen with your personal links.

Bloggers might earn decent of income just with affiliate other site’s products.

However, the products that introduced should be relevant of your blog content. You would not expect to generate sale from video game products while your blog is talking about weight loss.

Another great options is create your own e-book and promote it on your blog. Marketing your ebook on own blog definitely a great way to generate income furthermore you’re talking same relevant topic within the contents.


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