Molding the Future in Your Favor

Tarot card reading or esoteric tarot is the art of fortune telling based on you by a tarot card reader. Often the readers assume that the cards itself hold power and refuse to use any other deck except their own. But some readers are unique and known for their power of fortune telling. Esoteric tarot can analyze your past, present and guide you regarding the future.

The concept of the future is fluid according to this art. Future is subject to change as it depends on the actions of today. Therefore, having your fate understood and your future analyzed, can determine your actions of today and thereby change the future in your favor.

Tarot cards & Spread

Tarot cards are an ancient science commonly assumed to be based on Egyptian symbolism and semiotics. Tarots have been a part of history for as long as it dates and has been used for fortune telling ever since. A set of Tarot cards holds 56 cards that belong to the minor arcana and 22 cards that belong to the major arcana.

The 54 cards are divided into four suits; swords, wands, cups, and pentacles.  Fortune telling based on tarot cards is entirely based on the “spread”. The spread is a particular arrangement in which the cards are laid out. In specific spreads, the predictions are based upon the logic of the spread.

A spread is an intended sequence in which a series of cards are drawn by fate and aligned to the arrangement. The simplest spread is the three card spread which involves drawing three cards and laying them out one after one. The first card would give the reader a clue about the person’s past, the second about the present and the third about the future. The Seven Card Horseshoe spread, pentagram spread, Romany spread and the Celtic cross spreads are more advanced layouts that can give you more detailed information.

Finding love with the help of Tarot

True love is a once in a lifetime experience that happens when time and fate collide. Searching for your other half may be a tedious task in this world of billions. You may have been in numerous failed relationships as a part of this search and ended up wounding yourself as well. Although this road to finding the perfect person may involve a lot of hardships, it will be worth it as you will feel complete and fulfilled.

Amber Johnson at Psychic 2 Tarot says one way you know if you’ve found your soul mate if you can completely be yourself. Knowing yourself and understanding your needs are the key component to hold before you look for qualities in another one.

Tarot reading often helps you understand your needs and desires, letting yourself understand you more. This lets you be free and true to yourself and those around you. Self-awareness or understanding yourself paves the way to expectations in your better half. Knowing what qualities your better half should posses, will be a much relevant set of information. Looking for a person with these qualities can narrow down your search and also helps you spend quality time understanding the personal sides of you.

In some cases, the reader will be able to be more specific and provide you with details about a place you may cross paths with your love, and in some cases even the time duration during which this could happen. Thus tarot reading is a great guide to help you seek love and to let you find it.

Tarot readings for career guidance

Career choices are based on your talents, advantages, and choice of subjects. Getting a tarot reading can help you during confused times. For example, if you draw a fool, you can understand you are a dreamer who tends to make impulsive decisions and has a love for arts. Similarly, you can understand your basic interest and type of character and then decide on a career that befits all of this.

When you face difficulties in your careers such as a block or a growth obstruction, you can consult a tarot reader to look into the future and find clues as to making a decision about fighting the problem or leaving it for better options. Tarots are a traditional art that can help you make informed choices with ease. Hence getting a tarot reading for a good career can be a good idea.

What to ask a reader during a session

Tarot readers believe that the future is a fluid entity. It can never be understood completely or predicted. Every event that happens in the past and present, leads to the future. Hence asking questions about time of death or birth does not make sense. It is advisable to stick to yes or no questions and queries related to health, career, love, and finances. The whole dialogue with regard to tarot is vague. A good reader can interpret the signs and explain how each tarot can influence your life and how you can navigate towards a positive future.

Tarot cards can be used in various ways depending on your quest. Sometimes it can be used in order to figure a solution to the current obstacle or issue. In many cases, people go to readers for deeper queries – to find out more about themselves, their desires, their past life, and such things. These can open an eye in your case and help you seek true fortune. Tarots are about seeking your intuition and following it. It empowers you to make the right choices based on a deeper level of self-inspection.

Tarots are a juxtaposition of keywords and symbolisms analyzed and understood by a true reader. You can visit a tarot reader as often as you would prefer. If the first session holds some friction or if it wasn’t great, you may want to consider changing the psychic. Smooth, understanding readings that let information flow are what make a reading idea. These readings are more than just predictions and vague descriptions. These readers can talk to you and remove doubt and negative thoughts from your head, instead of filing it with hope.


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