Moderation In Dieting

Dieting is not really that complex an undertaking. There are three things to remember:

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1. Keep a healthy metabolic system. Drink water as a natural appetite depressant and to flush out toxins and wastes from the body. Smaller meals and more of them through out the day will help speed up the metabolism. Green tea extracts help to speed up the metabolism. Eating hot peppers will help to keep the metabolism in peak running condition and help with cravings.

2. Move. Getting up and moving will help you to burn calories and by doing so lose weight quicker. Walking about four times a week atleast will help tone muscles and ensure good digestion and a better mood. Waling during lunch hours when at work or parking further away from shopping centers will help you get your walking in. Buy a pedometer and walk 10,000 steps daily.

3. Eat all things in moderation. Eating a healthy diet as a lifestyle choice is a very good idea. One of the downfalls of any diet is doing without those things you crave. Eating even the caloric items in moderation will ensure that you stay on your diet. Without doing so your diet can become very boring and easy to slide into bad eating habits. Don’t restrict yourself. All things in moderation.

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Eve York

I am a 62 years young lady who enjoys writing and making an extra buck or two doing it. I enjoy writing, mountain biking and hanging out with my grandkids and my daughter. I love to laugh and enjoy time spent. I hope to write a lot of tips on here and find some new friends perhaps.

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  1. Thank you so much Eve for sharing these inspiration with me and I am pretty sure it helps a lot to me since now I am starting my fitness program. Happy weekend

  2. These are really great! People should know that dieting does not mean preventing oneself from eating just to lose weight but rather changing the eating habits like making the right choices of food and eating at a right time,.


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