Mistakes Not To Make With Your Woman

Men wonder what women want. Many men just don’t listen. I am sure their mother’s could have spelled it out for them at an early age. But men just don’t tend to listen. This is their first major mistake. The two genders just think differently. Not listening is the No. 1 complaint most women have with their men.

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Men who look and see what a women needs scores with their woman some what like foreplay. Don’t use the word ‘help’ but just pitch in and do so. Those six words “Is there anything I can do?” will be to her like sweet words and foreplay and put you in good standing with your girl.

Men assume everyone is like them and feels and wants the same thing. Not true. A man needs to learn about a woman’s needs. What he can do to support you and what are your turn ons are things a man needs to know. It is important to open communication and ask about these two topics. This will make a woman feel cared for and that you hold her in an important place in your life. Reaching out to your partner with compassion and asking her what is on her mind will help make her feel comfortable and safe enough to open up and tell you about her real emotions.

When men do not elaborate on reasons behind their actions, feelings or statements they may make they send a negative message. The message is that they don’t want to spend time, spend the money or do what their partner likes to do. This can cause a lot of unrest in a relationship. Making a counter offer or explain their actions and reasons for a “no” will help a woman to feel more connected to her partner.

Men tend to have the mistaken belief that if they are in the home physically it is a form of intimacy and it isn’t.  Because our presence is comforting to him doesn’t mean the same to a woman. A woman needs to stimulated emotionally, mentally or physically. Tuning in, touching or talking is what a woman needs.

A man will think you aren’t listening or paying attention if you double task when he is trying to talk to you. Holding her hand will insure that your woman has your full attention.

If a man’s focus is elsewhere he won’t do anything about the chores he needs to do like pick up his socks or take out the trash. He screens out everything that doesn’t have to do with his task at hand. Understanding why a man acts this way will do wonders in changing our irritation with it.

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Eve York

I am a 62 years young lady who enjoys writing and making an extra buck or two doing it. I enjoy writing, mountain biking and hanging out with my grandkids and my daughter. I love to laugh and enjoy time spent. I hope to write a lot of tips on here and find some new friends perhaps.

18 thoughts on “Mistakes Not To Make With Your Woman”

    • Age can be a factor but social norms and expectations can also play a significant role. Some research suggest also that the speed at which maturity is reach differs between man and women. who knows, all these factors will surely come into play.

  1. Anthropologically speaking, the roles of men and women have been in changing through out history. But in the modern times, we have to understand that gender roles are become quite obscure. In the last several decades a lone we have seen numerous movements on women rights, and empowerment. However, what is important regardless of these changes is the basic respect for one’s partner and the ability to connect both on the emotional and physical sense.

    I’ve learned a lot from my wife and i keep on trying to become a better husband.

  2. Men and women just thinks differently. While the man can have the “on-and off” switch, the woman doesn’t, because a woman would always think of a lot of things even if she just means one thing, it is sometimes impossible not to tag along other stuff related to what she wants.


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