Minimizing Wedding Cost

Planning for a wedding is very tedious but very worth it especially for the bride.  Here are some extra tips on how to make your wedding cost-effective and yet meaningful and memorable. If you are on a budget, well most of us does, practicality speaking sometimes, we rather think of saving for the future rather than spending it all on a wedding. Well, since our world today is functioning with the high technology on the side, why not use this resources for you to be able to create a wedding of a lifetime.

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Invitations. We can always personalize our invitation. There are a lot of free online template that you can use. It will also help to be creative.

Souvenirs. Personalize souvenirs are heart warming and touching for our wedding guests.

Cakes. There are a lot of bakery or confectionery nowadays who can do this.  You can cut down big time if you will order in a less known establishment. But first, you have to taste it.

Music. Even before the wedding, you can already choose your wedding music and songs to play during reception.

Coordinator. Well, there are coordinator who  can coordinate during the wedding day itself.

Goodluck on your planning, Hope it helps.


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5 thoughts on “Minimizing Wedding Cost”

    • I think making one’s own souvenirs is a god idea. Ours were simply seeds and planting instructions. After seven years, the plants are now thriving.

  1. These are really practical tips my friend. I remember when we were preparing for our wedding budget was always to issue. good thing we were able to fit everything within reasonable prices. We spent a lot on food and we had around 50% extra so that everyone can take home something after the reception. we instructed the caterer to pack goodies for each table. Apart from the souvenirs, all guests had some food to take home.

  2. Making own souvenir is great, it can save a lot. Weddings need not be so extravagant,but if you can afford it, then go on.


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