Middle-aged Men and Women

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As the very common saying, “LIFE BEGINS AT 40”, it is probably how most people feel because they have become more matured with their decisions, their perspectives have been changed over the years and they are unlikely to fear anything that comes their way. Turning 40 is a milestone and a transition at the same time.. It must be the different kind of freedom that they fee because:

  1. Most of their children have grown up which means they won’t get worried if kids would have their dinner or not as the kids would be responsible enough to fix their own, well, somehow.
  2. The freedom might be revolting that some men and women feel the excitement to explore the world better as they were not able to when they were younger.
  3. Being older, life has braved them with all the frustrations and disappointments that they may have had that they are now more focus in making a step higher towards their goal.


But of course, along with these social changes are the physical changes which both men and women may have not fully understood until such time that people around them may have noticed. For women, gradually, their moods may change as they near the menopausal years. With that being said, expect a lot of signs and symptoms brought about the hormonal changes in the body from sleeplessness, irritability, hot flushes and intermittent menstrual flow. This takes from a few months to years.


For men, andropause may come much later in life. Men may have put up that torch of victory trying to prove themselves that they are still capable of doing things that they used to do when they were in their early 20’s. Is it for real or is it just trying to convince themselves that they still can?


Personally, in my 40’s the changes in me were a realization that I wasn’t really getting any younger. No matter how much I would feel like being like my high school persona at time, the grey hair showing, back pains and lack of sleep are signs that I am moving forward and not backward. It is rather difficult to be a mother who takes care of all the things in the house and at the same time make sure that there is food on the table all the time. Others would have turned crazy but there is no room for me to feel that way. The women of today exhibits more strength than the women 40 years ago. More women are working now and insist on helping to make both ends meet. Along with this, women of today has become too liberated that the increase in divorce or annulment has also increased due to the fact that women now knows their rights and they no longer feel the need to rely on their husbands in order to live.


With the dating game, Men in their 40’s choose to date women in their 20’s. For what reason? It boosts their ego. It is just telling the whole world that they can still be the “boy next door” that any young women would love to date with. But well, of course, there is also a factor of young women seeking for someone who is financially stable where the 40’s men could probably be.


There is also a different kind of attraction that the women in their 40’s have from younger men, thus the “cougar” has been coined. Is it all sexual? Probably. Or maybe some sees the attraction of just a powerful woman.


With their physical attributes, there is slowing down of metabolism, balding, slow steady decline in strength, wrinkles getting visible.

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Jenny Alano

Mother and Passionate Writer I had the realization of love in writing at an early age. Rediscovered the passion 20 years after and integrated the passion into an earning opportunity. "The simplest words may not be uttered by the lips....the lingering thoughts echo through my work."

21 thoughts on “Middle-aged Men and Women”

  1. That’s life, no matter how we try to withold getting older, time flies so fast. Just be happy for what you are and what you had accomplished. Never mind the age! LOL!

  2. don’t you feel Fab at 40’s .

    LOL. I love getting near to that age. (as if, I am lying about the nearing the age). because I liberated myself.

    I can even tell my college student how cute he is without “malice” (seriously no malice).

      • why not.. you still look fab… aren’t you? I wish I can turn the hands of clock 10 years before.. not because that I am in my 40ish… but I think I started my life or being alivie a bit later.. tsk

        • If I had the chance to turn back time, I’d go back to my high school days where I will enjoy it with my friends and be able to PARTY! I was deprived back then! huhuhu

          • I am not really into “party” person. what if our wishes come true.. argh!! then I will be older than you (again!) imagine you are in HS age and I am in mid 30s to early 40s. LOL

          • i dont like my HS age I still play patintero in the street and I don’t have money so dependent.. i like my latter years because I have work and money (a little).
            and yes we will still be friends however you will call me “ate” or “mother” if that will happen.

            I wish our wishes be granted… chingggg…

          • same here.. but I have a problem.. .. shall I wear wings and bring my wand?.

            I hate it, when I was always the fairy godmother in Cinderella’s role playing. and my beautiful classmate always play the part of cinderella even if it is “radio drama” activity. argh.

          • can I wear my darna costume? no worries I will bring Ding with me and my super power stone… so you would know that it’s me.

          • yeah I missed the people here. I was absent for two weeks because I have to finish grades and 2 English camps… when I returned here I was just alone… No one is exchanging comments with me. No one even read my two articles. LOL.

            Where are you, people.. I miss you

  3. I’m senior, but 50’s I guess are only for others, I’m told I’m not a senior. So, when someone else turns 50 they are seniors. Just not me. I guess I’m not suppose to reap the benefits of my old age. I’m just supposed to work till I’m dead.

    Bah Humbug!

  4. 40 and ready for midlife crisis. LOL It is during this that that men and women contemplate on what they have accomplished so far. Some are happy others are not. In a study in a psychological journal says that suicide rates in middle aged men are quite high. Fulfillment, accomplishment and self worth are usually put under scrutiny her.

  5. Many women are having children in their 40’s, so don’t have grown kids. Middle age is also completely different to what it used to be. People like Gwen Stefani, Pharrell etc are middle aged, it’s absolutely different to what it was 20 or so years ago.


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