Managing Debt Through Kitchen Essentials

One way to manage your money is by using the right king of groceries and equipment in your kitchen.

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Reuse what you can.

We rarely use paper towels. Mostly, they get used to suck up extra grease from bacon or baked cheese. Instead, we use tea towels and dish towels to mop up everything. With a special needs child in the house, we do laundry all day, everyday. So, it makes sense to throw in the kitchen towels too.

The only thing disposable is parchment paper, and I make sure to use it for several batches of whatever I’m baking before I pitch it. All our dishes are washable and not going to the trash truck anytime soon. Our dishwasher broke earlier this year and I’ve not decided to fix it. It might save on water, but I haven’t seen that to be true so far.

Made from scratch

Since my daughter was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a couple years ago, I had to learn how to cook. Mind you, I could make a box of macaroni and cheese, but that’s not on the meal plan anymore. While at first, it seems like fresher foods are more expensive, they can often go further depending on how you use them.

Buying in bulk

This goes hand-in-hand with scratch cooking for us. We had to switch off of wheat flour and onto almond flour for baking. Almond flour is expensive! So, i bought in bulk, which made it cheaper by the pound in the long run. I also store it in air-tight reusable containers!

Dividing bulk into personal sizes

This tip follows up to buying in bulk. If you buy a bigger size of a product, you can divide it into several smaller sizes, rather than buying the pre-packaged item at a larger cost per serving. We do this with cheese by buying blocks and slicing it or shredding it. If you aren’t on a restrictive diet, you could do it with things like potato chips or pretzels.

Instead of buying pop-sicles, we mix sugar free jello and cool whip, then pour it into molds to freeze. Much healthier for our needs and much less expensive overall.



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Jenn Brockman

I'm a single mom of 2 girls, one on the autism spectrum, and the other, an aspiring singer with a great voice. I also am a small business and life coach, sell jewelry and build websites!

5 thoughts on “Managing Debt Through Kitchen Essentials”

  1. you are really so innovative. that’s true we can save a lot if we are just patient in doing some stuff. good for you..

  2. Great, great tips! Sometimes buying in bulk may may buying unnecessary but if one is wise enough to divide it into small serving sizes, then it can be really stretched into more than what we expect.


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