Managing Change in Your Life

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Many of refer to change as an inevitability in life.  In fact, numerous people have considered change as a constant companion as long as we live.  Some have the ability to cope with the changes that occur in their lives while others struggle to make sense of what is happening.  Suffice to say, change is a critical aspect of our lives that we need to manage.  More than just the change itself, how we adapt and thrive afterwards are critical components to maintain or secure quality of life.

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Big leaps versus small steps

It is a premise that people view change differently.  As such, there is no point to saying that one technique is better than the other.  Rather, let’s look at some opposites so that we can determine which one is best for our own situation.  First, some find security in small steps than plunging into a totally new situation.  On the other hand, some find it easier to just drop everything and leap into a new lifestyle.

Big leap tips:

  • Weigh the pros and cons before you jump in
  • Ask around about what others have experienced – focus on the hurdles and how they were solved
  • Prepare for the unknown – that practically where you are headed
  • Commit to the change – halfheartedly going into something like this can be detrimental

Small steps:

  • Although it is gradual change, slowly challenge yourself to something new
  • Be consistent in motivating yourself to move forward
  • Have someone to help you through the small changes – talking to someone or sharing the experience can be helpful
  • Track your progress
  • Never lose your focus on your goal

Necessity versus want

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There are changes in our lives that are brought about by necessities while others because we want them to occur.  For example, some people choose to lose weight out of medical necessity.  Others do so because they want to feel healthier and remain as such.

We are often faced with decisions in our lives and these changes transform who we are.  Sometimes the change is huge while others it is miniscule that we rarely notice.  But changes occur nonetheless.

When the change is necessary

  • Think about how you can get the motivation to facilitate the change
  • Commit to the change especially if this is needed
  • Seek support so that you can keep your eyes on the ball
  • More than just thinking that this is necessary, focus on why it has to be done

When the change is merely a want

  • Consider the question whether the change is worth it
  • Some changes are permanent so be ready for the consequences
  • Think about the pros and cons of your actions
  • Seek alternatives whenever possible

Change is a powerful force that we face on a daily basis.  We cannot escape it!  Whether it is a significant decision about life, family or health we have to make a choice.  Even the simple changes in our life like choosing a new hairdo can be daunting for some.  Change can be scary and can be exhilarating.  But then again, it all depends on you.  These tips allow you to manage change in a manner that will be productive and easier for you.


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8 thoughts on “Managing Change in Your Life”

  1. If I will consider “money/earning” to where I am at now, I made a big leap and I fell face flat on the ground. LOL. if I die today, I don’t have any money to even buy me a cheap casket.

    however, if I will consider, “accomplishments” and boost in self esteem. I consider it a success with wings and flying flags under my feet.

    So which should I consider?

    • You won’t take your money in the afterlife. But it feels good to have great self esteem. I suppose you are successful without cash. I am practically along those lines as well. LOL

      I think this is a global trend now. Ha ha.

      • I am never a trendy person. Usually I am OK with what I have. i never thought that having no cash in the pockets, wallets, bags, banks are trend nowadays.

        hmmm… cashless work hahaha.. I joke my sisters about “hanap patay” and not “hanapbuhay” LOL.

        among all OFWs I think I usually go home without money in the pockets. hahaha

  2. I had encountered such changes which made me wiser now, like in engaging in a business and in giving out loans to people who do not want to pay! ha haha! I must study the options first before engaging in any activity involving finances. Such change should be carefully weighed first.Thanks for your helpful insights.

  3. I’m in a situation now where I both need and want change, but not able to get it.. Due to this failure in getting something changed, my emotional and mental state is changing.. I now need to manage this change in the state of my mind 🙁

  4. Some people see people who go through many different changes as being unsteady but these people like change and do what it right for them.
    Change , Taxes, and Death are guarantees in life; except them and work with them.

  5. This is good advice. Slow and easy sounds good to me. I hate change! If it is slow I think I might do better with it. Too much change is stressful. Checking out what the pros and cons are is smart. Thinking ahead.


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