Making Money When It Matters Most

The interesting thing about making money is that often when we need it the most that’s when it can be the hardest to make it.  Indeed, we all experience times in our lives where we are faced with unexpected costs that we struggle to meet, in our regular financial planning, yet where there’s a will there’s a way and often when we are motivated we can move mountains to acquire the resources we need to make ends meet.

That said, these can be challenging times, as often we are paralysed in a state of fear or panic – meaning we aren’t able to be as resourceful as we otherwise could be, as we are too distracted by the negative thinking that comes with fear and worry.  Indeed, financial problems can keep people up all night and this leads to the person being in a much less able state to respond to the situation optimally.

Whether it’s an unexpected emergency or just an oversight in your monthly finances, we all run into times when we need to make money fast.  In times like this, it can be helpful to rely on a credit card to make ends meet, such as the ones found on this page, but not everyone has access to such helpful flexible friends, so this article looks at ways you can make money – quickly, when it matters most.

In this vein, we’ll look at some of the ways in which you can get out of a financial hole and earn money in a reasonably short period of time.  

The reason this can be such a challenge, in terms of the conventional lifestyle most people lead is that we paid on a regular basis, either weekly or monthly, meaning we might have to wait some time before receiving an injection of income via our salary.  Of course, many employers are happy to provide an advance or even have hardship loans available – but sometimes, we are too proud to go down that path, and at other times, those options aren’t available to us.

This article, therefore, looks at a number of suggestions to make sizeable chunks of income in a short period of time.


The process of match betting is quite well known, nowadays, as a way to generate pretty much guaranteed revenue without the risk associated with traditional gambling.  Of course, there are limits on how much one can make using this method – yet some people have been known to make in the region of $500 – $1,000 within a period of one to two weeks!  

The way it works, in very basic terms, is that you redeem the free offers promoted by online casinos and place a bet for a particular result to win; then, you place a bet for it to lose – meaning, whether it wins or loses, you will in most cases, break even… this is not how you make money.  The way you make money is that once you have consumed the “free bet” and the money is back in your account, as new funds, you are able to withdraw these funds.

Hence, if you are wanting to technically make free money with little risk and relatively little effort, this could be an option.


Becoming a medical research participant is an option many people have toyed with at some point in their lives, yet have not necessarily entered into due to the possibility of complications and negative consequences.

However, the pay is pretty good for what can sometimes be as simple as staying overnight in a pleasant room where you are testing out something akin to throat lozenges; though, admittedly, the higher paying gigs tend to be more involved with more chance of adverse effects such as those associated with a common cold or flu.


Many people have items lying around that they don’t use, or are perhaps even cluttering the attic or a storage unit somewhere – yet, often some of these items can be worth quite a lot of money… some having shot up in value due to their collectible status.  

Then, there’s always the possibility of re-selling items on eBay, for instance, if someone hasn’t marketed a product very well (e.g. not very good pictures or accurate keywords) then you can grab yourself a bargain and resell the item with better images, more compelling copy and an attention grabbing title – thus making a significant amount of money for a simple bit of re-advertising.

The other option is to look through the “free ads” section in papers and websites that offer unwanted items for free to someone willing to pick it up and take it away.  In this sense, you can get a free item that is no longer needed, by its owner, give it a clean and sell it on eBay for a fee.


Whilst it might make you feel somewhat of a teenager in terms  of “odd jobs” there’s a great amount of profit to be made in doing things that other people don’t have the time or inclination to do; for instance, mowing lawns, cleaning windows, walking dogs, clearing up leaves, washing cars, or doing babysitting.


You could very easily turn the odd jobs listed above as a community based business, where in very little time, you could have a regular round of tasks bringing in a decent amount of cash to help maximise your income.  For instance, you could offer to do people’s ironing on a regular basis… it’s simple and small, yet you can make a fair amount of additional cash by ironing clothes in the evening whilst watching TV.

Similarly, babysitting is a much needed service that many people appreciate being able to rely on a dependable and trustworthy person.  Again, you could hypothetically watch TV or a good film with the child, and then the rest of the evening is free as they will be asleep… meaning you could catch up on other work such as managing your eBay listings, filling in market research surveys or match betting!

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