Making Money By Smartphones Apps: Get Paid To Chat?

Source: Abul Hussain
Source: Abul Hussain

In the technology era, many new opportunities have started to become available for everyone who can own a PC or a smartphone.

Making money has never been as good and beautiful as it is when you decide about making your steps in the third world, the world that’s giving equal chances for everyone who has passion to make extra good money online.

About 5 days ago, I thought about searching the app store for apps that would pay its users and that would offer online simple tasks for fun and some extra money

so I could find some good apps that offer you good money by doing very simple tasks and another app that offers users revenue sharing cuts by just chatting! Yes that’s true!

This app is called ” Quack” and I was pretty astonished when I found it! It’s like telling whatsapp ” Hey, I’m offering revenue cuts for my members and fun while chatting at the same time but what are you offering other than deciding about making your service only available to those who subscribe to it by paying monthly or yearly amounts of money? ” Yes, actually Whatsapp will not be a free service anymore and that’s what I read on my account while I was checking whatsapp few days ago.

So how does this app pay its users and where from does it get its money?

The app has Google adsense and some other affiliate programs banners placed on it so you will have to see some little banners hanging around your screen while you would chatting with your friends but don’t worry the banners are not disturbing at all! In fact, many apps has those banners placed on them while users would be using them but not getting a single penny from using the app and the owner would be sitting and collecting the money he gets from the impressions and the clicks but what does he/she give to his/her users? Nothing! Nothing but the fun of using it, I’m serious! It’s time to make use of your time! You know time is money so why waste it like that?

How would you get paid?

Simple, just put your Paypal account’s email and wait until you reach the minumum threshold which I think it’s about $7.50.

How much would you be making with this app?

Well, the more you chat the more you’d be earning! Very simple! But wait, it’s not about chatting it’s about having to view the ads placed so that Google would count that as an impression and thus raise the earnings.

I personally made about 0.14 cents just on the first day, the next day I had 0.23 cents and I only chatted about 30 minutes with my best friend.

Isn’t that awesome? So what are you waiting for? Try this app, eventually you will not be losing anything and you’ll be chatting with your friend, all you need is your smartphone, internet connection and your friend!

Good luck with it, try it and tell me how it goes out with you! I hope you enjoy using it and I thought that I really have to write a review about this because it’s awesome!

22 thoughts on “Making Money By Smartphones Apps: Get Paid To Chat?”

  1. It’s awesome when one can earn money while doing chit chat with his/her friends and family. I would love to install “Quack: if I have smartphone…will buy soon.

  2. I hope you buy it as soon as possible πŸ™‚ oh and by the way, it’s okay to buy a used one! It can be good too!

  3. I am paid by tapbooty, a mobile apps that pays those user who installed mobile apps from tapbooty. You can request payout when you reach 1000 points equivalent to $1, through Paypal or Amazon gift card.

    • Thank you for the info Admin, I think I’ll give this one a shot but it would be cooler if you talk about how much on an average a person can earn by downloading a specific mobile app that the tapbooty directs us to?

  4. is it good where ever you are? I have android don’t know what is the difference of a smartphone? Is it a samsung duos or blackberry?? I am confused lol

    • You can use it! Android is considered to be smartphone! πŸ˜€ Check this app on the store you usually use to get your apps from, I personally have never used Android before so I can’t give you exact information on how to download this app, all that I can say is that it can be downloaded on your phone, make sure to have an up to date version of your whole mobile’s system!

    • Poor apps, not friendly and features are limited. More ads pop up than the features. I can’t even add any friends. I prepare tapbooty, the one I paid me last 2 weeks ago.

    • I hope you find it as good as I think it is, I’ll have to find out more about it though and I’ll see what happens so that I can update you guys with it because obviously I’m new to it and I haven’t cashed out yet due to not reaching the minimum threshold yet but at the same time, you guys can try it out too and see what happens πŸ™‚

  5. That is an intriguing way to earn. But I’m not really keen on downloading apps on my phone. I just download those that I need. Plus, I hate using my phone.

    • Haha me too! I only use it for messaging when I need that urgently but you can try it out, I’m sure you would need to message your friends or family sometimes πŸ™‚


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