Making It Easier For Your Family When Your Time Comes

Maybe it might sound morbid but these things really has to be thought of. If you think about it when you die, it is easier for you because now you can rest. That is why they say “rest in Peace”. You have no more problems, worries or pain. It’s time for you to meet your Maker. But what about your family? They will be left with the burden of your leaving. They will feel the sadness and the pain. Also the financial burden.

If you can afford it would be nice to get a life plan, hospital and death insurance. There are some insurances that carry all three. But not all can afford to pay the monthly. And sometimes even though it seems harsh, there are some insurances that are scams or promise one thing but delivers another.  Some people have another savings where they put a little every once and a while. Setting aside something, even a small amount only when ever they can. At least it will earn and will be a big help when needed. The most would be having an insurance but not all can have one. I wish I had but still hard for me. So also that savings should not be touched and a family member can be a cosigner or you can leave special instructions with the bank if ever anything happens.

Have all you papers in order. If you can make a last will and testament especially if you have lots of children and a husband. Whether or not you have properties, jewelries or anything of importance it would be good to list down who it will go to to prevent fighting and quarrels among families.

One thing I have is a notebook where I have placed all the sites I joined, the usernames and passwords.I have told my daughter if anything happens and i go, to look for it. Then maybe post that I have gone or deceased. Leave it for a week then go through all thank them and then delete all my memberships so no one can hack it and use it for some wrong purpose. I actually have to update them and get a new notebook. I have seen accounts of those who have died especially the students who die in accidents. The parents can not even open because they do not know the password. I have also asked my daughter to make one too. Life is uncertain we can never know what will happen.

Spend more time with your family, make the most of your life. Talk with them your plans. It may sound kind of morbid but death is part of life.

Even in jest I have told my daughter that I want to be buried in a purple coffin, not the dark one but a pleasing colored one. Just a simple burial. Now I saw a video someone posted which she dedicated to her Mom and it touched me. So I made a post about it on another site that I would want that song played during my burial. It was the song ” Softly As I Leave You” song by so many but my special request would be that it would be the Elvis Presley version for me.

Making these plans with your family will make it easier for them to handle your death. They wont panic on what they think you want because they already know what you want. They will feel good knowing they did what you wanted.

When you know that everything is in order and when your time comes , you will really be at peace knowing that your family will be ok. Even at an unexpected death , it will still be easy for them.

It is better to be prepared than to leave things hanging and uncertain, we may not like to think about it but we have too, it’s part of reality. So try to plan things and make sure your family won’t suffer much too.

Just my ideas and tips maybe can help others too especially if we can not afford to get a really good insurance. Also on how to get things in order. All my papers and important documents are kept in envelopes in bags. My helper and daughter knows where they are.

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3 thoughts on “Making It Easier For Your Family When Your Time Comes”

  1. It might be painful to be talking about this but we all need to be practical. My mo has also told me what to do just in case something happens. My initial reaction was to dismiss the thought about the possibilities. I don’t think I could ever be prepared, but we really should at least know what to do.

  2. I don’t find talking about death .. morbid. It is something that we must be always ready. When I was riding a motorbike when I was in the Philippines, I knew how dangerous it was.. so I told my sister in case I will have an accident… and if need to have a life support.. I refuse… just let me go. I don’t like long wake, only a day or two.. then cremate me. they all got mad at me… and say I was weird. LOL.


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