Make your very own Powdered Ginger Tea

Ginger is a kind of root that we use mostly for cooking. It has this spicy smell and hot taste to it. Many people use to include this in their dishes and some of the more familiar ones are sauteed shrimp and chicken soup commonly known in the Philippines as “Tinola”. Adding pieces of pounded ginger gives the dish a flavor twist, warmth from the spice and it also removes fishy odor.

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It has also been made into different delicacies like ginger candy, ginger bread and cookies which tastes really good. Ginger also has many health benefits and some of these are used for when you have gassy stomach pains and for sore throat because of its anti bacterial effects.  And to use its benefits for sore throat, we make it into a tea by peeling the root, pounding it and then steeping it in boiling water before we drink it. Since boiling is the easiest way to make ginger tea, making a powdered one is also nice. You can store it longer and manage better the amount you want to drink for the moment. I have to note you though that making this powdered form of ginger tea is a lot of work in terms of preparation but it is very simple and you can do this with your kids.

Here are what you’ll be needing to start:

1 or 1/2 kilo of Ginger roots

Brown Sugar


clean cloth (for straining the roots)


measuring cup

and a skillet pan with a depth that can hold an amount of liquid

How to do:

  • To start you need to soak all the cleaned ginger roots in a basin of water over night so it absorbs more water.
  • On the next day, remove it from the water and grate all the ginger roots, set it aside
  • With the clean cloth and a clean basin, put grated ginger roots and squeeze out its juices with the use of the cloth and catch with a clean basin.
  • When you’ve squeezed all of the roots, you can now put the ginger juice on your skillet/ sauce pan by measuring it with a cup
  • If you have extracted 1cup of juice you will put 2cups of brown sugar. So if you have more cups of juice you also adjust the cups of brown sugar that you add. If you have measured for example 6cups of juice, you will put 7cups of brown sugar, add 1cup more to the sugar.
  • After combining the ginger juice and brown sugar on your saucepan, cook it in low heat while continuously stirring (it will be a bit tiring on your arms, have someone to take turns with you in stirring)
  • Continue stirring until the consistency becomes thicker and thicker
  • Be careful not to over cook it or it will burn the sugar. When the consistency looks like it is out of water already or the sugar is drying out on the sides, quickly remove the pan from the heat and while it cools down naturally continue stirring and watch it turn into powdered form. (this is the fun part, lol. It’s like magic)
  • Let the powdered ginger cool before transferring it to a jar container to avoid moisture.
  • Seal it well so no ants will enter the jar. Then you are done. You can now make ginger tea for everyone just add hot water, 1 teaspoon for every cup will do, no need to add more sugar when making it.

Make more if you want to sell some or give it as a gift to your friends and relatives. This is great specially during the rainy or cold season where cough and colds are common and it will warm you up.

Learned this in school way back, so i thought I would share this simple recipe with you. My father likes it very much that’s why he sometimes asks me to make some for him.

Happy Ginger Tea making. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Make your very own Powdered Ginger Tea”

  1. wow.. I never thought that making a powder ginger is as easy as 123. good idea for gifting. I wonder if cinnamon is added what would the taste be? but ginger root alone. I love it as tea already

    • Yup, it’s really pretty easy. 🙂 Putting it in cute jars decorated with ribbons would be nice. I haven’t tried adding cinnamon though, it sounds nice, the aroma of it would be lovely. ^_^

    • You don’t have to add anymore sugar ma’am, since it was already made with brown sugar (which is a much healthier type than white sugar) you only have to put a teaspoon or two in a small cup and it would just give a little taste of sweetness, the ginger still over powers. Great for children who wouldn’t want to drink plain ginger tea. 🙂


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