Make Your Home Your Oasis

Our home environment has a great deal of influence on our health and sense of well being. It also reflects our personality, taste and aesthetic sense. Not all aspects of our home can be controlled or changed easily but there are a few areas that should be assessed regularly. Failing to do so imposes unnecessary stress on ourselves.

Recognizing Problem Areas:

Questions to ask and assess:

  1. Is your home comfortable?
  2. Are you using the space efficiently?
  3. Do you have adequate cooling, heating and ventilating facilities?
  4. Are your walls clean?
  5. Is your house cozy and cheerful or dull or drab?
  6. Do you get too much outside noise like traffic sounds?
  7. Do all members of the house have enough space and privacy?
  8. Do your appliances and faucets etc work properly?

On basis on these questions, assess whether your home is giving you unnecessary stress and take measures to remedy the situation. For example

How to Remedy The Situation:

  1. A coat of paint can take care of dirty walls
  2. Re-organize the furniture to make the house more spacious
  3.  Use rugs, cushions, wall frames and indoor plants for a more cheerful, vibrant appearance.
  4.  Check fans, light fixtures, taps, knobs etc for maintenance issues and replace inefficient appliances with more energy efficient appliances.
  5. Get rid of all clutter. Not only does clutter gather germs and dust, it also eats up valuable space in your home.

Make your home your oasis and a place of physical and mental comfort and well being!

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I am a freelance writer who discovered the love for the written word at a very young age. I am an avid reader and writer and many of my short stories have been published in a children's magazine. I love reading, writing and meeting new people. I also serve as the nanny, chef, nurse, sheriff, judge, toy locator, tutor, and chauffeur to my four kids and get oodles of love and some strands of white hair in return.

6 thoughts on “Make Your Home Your Oasis”

  1. The most inexpensive place to relax is right in our homes. So we really need to do something to make it inviting for relaxation and de-stressing.

      • Yes, and also the choice of paint color as well as the things in the living room should not be too overwhelming that just by seeing them is tiring enough.

  2. Very nice tips. I am a homebody and really wanted our home to be nice and comfortable. The best thing that I wanted here is the peace and quiet because there are less homes in our place, unlike in our former location which was so noisy.


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