Make your Google Chrome Faster within few seconds!

Google Chrome-mobile for Android (at least in its Beta) permits you to activate a sparing mode, once the pages and their data are loaded through the proxy servers to Google, which compresses a lot of data, therefore reducing the quantity of downloaded data. In essence, of course, this is often not regarding any technological innovation, in this case, a real pioneer is the Opera, that offers identical tool for years. Google offers a similar feature for the phone only, but with the installation of an unofficial application into your Google Chrome, you’ll be able to use this tool for a large desktop Chrome, which is beneficial after you have to move your laptop computer to some slow WiFi network.

You’ll be able to look directly on “stats about saved data” at Chrome internal address (chrome://net-internals/#bandwidth). You need to download this application to be able viewing this address.

Keep in mind that it’s not directly from Google, so it might be blocked at any time. But, If we will look into the source code of this feature, then we can see that it’s very solely making an attempt to speak with the server, that belongs to Google.

->>>> Data Compression Proxy tool (free) <<<<-

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