Make Valentine’s Day One To Remember With Tickets To See Stephen Ward

Stephen Ward the MusicaL 2020

With January over, we are getting to that time of year when Valentine’s Day becomes the hot topic of conversation. What are you going to purchase for the one you love this year? Red roses? Chocolates? Moreover, where are you planning on celebrating the occasion? Are you going to dine at a fancy restaurant? Perhaps you are thinking of spending the weekend away in a nice country cottage?

These are all brilliant ideas. However, the truth is that they are also rather clichéd as well. If you really want to impress your girlfriend you need to think outside of the box and go for something different. This is why buying tickets to see Stephen Ward the Musical proves to be an excellent option. It’s also a good option for first dates, whether you’ve met someone through a chatline numbers company or a friend.

Firstly, let’s begin by explaining what this musical actually is. Stephen Ward is a production that is based on the 1963 political scandal called the Profumo Affair. This Affair involved an MP at the time called John Profumo and a lady called Christine Keeler. The affair turned out to be a major disaster as Keeler was also believed to be having a relationship with a Soviet spy. When news leaked of Profumo and Keeler’s relationship all hell broke loose. Not only was Profumo forced to resign, but the fallout was massive for other people as well. Ward was undoubtedly the man who was hit the hardest. 

Who was Stephen Ward? Well, he was the society osteopath at the time and the man responsible for throwing all of the best parties. It was at one of his parties where Profumo and Keeler actually met. Once the drama of the affair commenced Ward was hit with charges related to prostitution and his world soon came crashing down. This musical tells Ward’s story.

So, why is this musical a great choice for Valentine’s Day? Firstly, your partner is much more likely to appreciate something that has required thought and effort on your part. She will love the fact that you have selected something you can both enjoy together. You can take a trip to see the musical and then you can enjoy a lovely meal afterward. If money is no object, why not book into one of the fancy hotels in the area?

In addition to this, Stephen Ward the musical is an excellent choice because it is something you are both going to enjoy. This is a production that has a lot of substance. It is not just about listening to well-known songs and having a sing-a-long, which is undoubtedly most men’s idea of hell. This is a really interesting story that will have you captivated from the opening line.

So, what are you waiting for? Make this Valentine’s Day one to remember. It is gifts like this that will certainly impress at this time of year.

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