How to Make Money Using Creative Writing Prompts – I Made More than $375

Update 03/03/15: I am not an active member of Bubblews since November 2014. I was able to earn and cash out over $1000 there. Bubblews was a wonderful revenue sharing site, after it was officially launched earlier that year, many things have changed and it turned out that the site was not able to handle all the redemption requests from different members around the world. In short, the revenue model failed. I am still thankful with Bubblews. I have more than $40 in my bank, I hope I can cash it out someday… Update 3/16/16 — Bubblews was shut down already by its owner/s.

You know guys, this is a good topic. My friend told me that there’s no such thing as writer’s block, but, it’s not true for me. I won’t sugar coat this post because you know what I might be feeling right now. Can you really guess what I feel? I thought you do. I am feeling happy because I am able to write few sentences already and know that this would lead to a new awesome post for COD. Most of the times, I face blank pages. I don’t know what to write until I remember creative writing prompts. Get ready, we will talk about it with a twist: making money with creative writing prompts.

We are writers. We are bloggers. We are content creators. But it does not mean that we are always in a good writing condition all the time. Sometimes, I would end up scratching my head what to write next… there’s one time that I tried my best to complete a 250 word paragraph, but I hardly completed it because I reached the dead end. I can’t write anymore, I am out of words. That happened simply because I forgot to exercise writing. I lost my concentrations when I am working on something that is not related to writing. When I focus on blog designing, understanding CSS and working on them to create an awesome blog theme, I am sure that I’ll have a hard time writing a piece of content.

Tonight, I told myself that I am not just a web designer; I am the content creator of my own blog, that’s why I called myself a blogger. I need to write. That’s when I need to use creative writing prompts.

What are creative writing prompts?

Let me define it in my own way. Creative writing prompts are ideas (big or small) that will help you get into a good writing condition. I know that I am good at writing after waking up early in the morning, but as a blogger, I need to write any time of the day when it’s necessary. I cannot wait till the dawn breaks to compose an awesome content because I make money from it. A creative writing prompt is simply a word, idea, picture or anything that will help you starts writing a piece of content. Tonight, I started with a banner that I created for my friend about his incredible 600 creative writing prompts to help writers complete writing posts, articles, stories or novels in a speed that won’t hurt their online income.

Why creative writing prompts are helpful to get you started?

It’s simple. It will open the door to your imagination. Creative writing prompts are like visual aids that will help you come up with something so that you will not be stuck anymore in front of a blank page. I have read some of the creative writing prompts written by my friend and soon ideas are flowing in my head. I can’t help but write. With that, I created my own writing prompt and use the same idea itself: creative writing prompts with a twist – making money online through it.

How to make money using creative writing prompts?

A world like “princess” would spark to a new bigger idea, and it can lead you writing a fairy tale story, you can publish it soon and make money by selling it to Amazon. But I am not talking about that right now. Let’s say, you are writing a new blog post for your blog, but you can’t think of anything to write about. Your blog is about the best furniture in your town. Suddenly, you remember the craziest day of your life when you accidentally washed your hands in the urinal when you have no idea it was men’s comfort room. You start to bring back that embarrassing experience and you begin writing a short piece about it. Obviously, it’s a creative writing prompt. Even if you started writing a story about it, but you know, you can’t publish it in your blog – it’s simply out of topic. What will you do so you can make use of a 200-500 word contents that has nothing to do with your furniture blog?

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Okay, I can help you turn your creative writing prompts into $25 dollar in 2 to 3 days, or as much as you want…

Write your world and voice it over. Use your creative writing prompts, think of anything, and write about anything under the sun and submit it as a bubble on! While creative writing prompts help you complete the task at hand, like writing a new blog series about your furniture niche blog, you can publish short pieces of contents to and make money online using creative writing prompts. I have earned more than $375 on Bubblews (as of this date) by simply making use of my creative writing prompts.


What can you say?

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  1. wow that is seriously really nice ! I do like & feel good to hear this great news! Thanks for sharing a good lesson to know about making money.

  2. Hi Prime,
    A late response to this post but when you factor in all the distractions vying for our attention it takes real effort to stay focused. The ideas you share here are always timely when you work online. Writing prompts can really help jolt the mind into writing action. Thanks for sharing.


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