Make Money by Reviewing Calls on Humanatic!

Are you jobless? Do you want to make extra money while you are at home? Yes, you still have time to make money after your day job. Instead of watching TV or browsing Facebook, you can review calls on Humanatic.

  • Listen to the calls
  • Tag every call correctly
  • Earn money

It’s easy as that. I am a Humanatic reviewer. I am not that active there, but I have cashed out $20. It takes a lot of patience to make that amount, but Humanatic is a legit site. Humanatic is operated by Century Interactive – a legit company that already paid more than 2 million US Dollars to Humans from different parts of the world.

I know some of you are making money with survey sites, what I like with Humanatic is that the work is consistent. There are plenty of calls during the night (if you live here in the Philippines). Importantly, unlike survey sites, it does not just offer more earning opportunities with few selected countries.


How to apply with Humanatic?

It’s easy. You are required to use your PayPal address at registration. Once approved, you can start reviewing calls right away. Calls are classified according to categories, being a newbie, you’ll be given 3 categories, but categories will increase (I have 37 categories now), especially if you consistently tag calls correctly.

My profile on Humanatic.
My profile on Humanatic.

My mistake!

At first, I just tagged calls. I did not mind if it’s correct or not. It’s not right. It’s a bad start. As a newbie, you have to observe utmost care in reviewing and tagging calls. Quality wins on Humanatic.

Humans in the Leaderboard!

Get inspired by Humans who are featured in the Leaderboard, plus they receive bonuses for working fast – and accurately!

Final World

If you are looking for ways to make money online, Humanatic is one of the best options. The earnings would be slow at first, but once you are already familiar with the accent used by callers, and once you have the ‘keywords’ that would help you to tag calls correctly, you can be one of the those Humans featured in the Leaderboard.

My last earnings from Humanatic!
My last earnings from Humanatic!
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