How to Make Money on Bubblews the Legit Way

Update: By the end of 2014, I stop writing on Bubblews. Bubblews stopped it revenue sharing program and eventually shut down. I made over $1k there in the shortest period, compare to other writing sites I’ve joined so far. I am always thankful to the founder of Bubblews.

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Some says that Bubblews is scam, yet, they don’t have enough evidence to say so. Can you test the legitimacy of the site by staying there for a month? Or are you jumping into conclusion that Bubblews is scam because you are not paid?

First, ask yourself – do you deserve to get paid? Have you checked the rules before submitting your first article? If not, reconsider you statement. If you are telling people that Bubblews is scam, then you are not helping them make money online free. Because you are driven by your emotion when you published that post in your blog – tell me – are you sure that you haven’t violated any rule? Are you sure that the reason why your account was deleted was because Bubblews didn’t want to pay you intentionally? Bubblews has made it clear – they have the right not to pay users who violated the simple rules of the site and they have the right to delete your account (the worst thing)

Bubblews has the blueprint that would change this world [World Wide Web], how can they achieve that if they will pay users who want to steal money from the system?

Bubblews pays me – and never missed any redemption I made.

I am one of those bubblers who can tell pretty sure that Bubblews is not scam. Or yeah, it never asks you a penny to join the site so there’s no way you can call it scam. If you will say that they are making money from your articles then are you sure about that? Or are you just counting eggs? Okay, from the very beginning I follow the rules. I review the rules. I deleted an article after I published it because I know it won’t help me make money on Bubblews. I never risk my earnings, or account for an experiment to increase my earnings in no time. Do you know what the common problem why people do anything to increase their earnings? Because Bubblews is the only site that will pay them by sharing whatever they want – for a real money – in a shortest time possible. They are taking advantage. Bubblews pays $0.01 for every view, comment, like or dislike. Regardless of quality, or in the absence of “awesomeness”, some members want to accelerate their earning speed because there’s no way they can do that on any writing sites like Squidoo, Hubpages, etc.

Bubblews want the natural way and will pay you for that.

This is the answer. It’s not a secret. It’s not a trick. Bubblews wants you to promote your bubbles the natural way, that’s the only way they can keep their system stable. If they will allow anyone to participate in exchange groups for likes, view, share, and comment – it will drain the system down.  And it’s not news to us! If you have an Adsense account, and asked an exchange group to click on the ads on your site – the clicks will be counted as invalid – and Adsense will not forgive you for that, the next minute or two, you will receive a message from them that your account is banned. It’s just pretty the same with how Bubblews deals with this issue. Bubblews has advertisers and they want protect their interests.

How to promote your bubbles inside and outside Bubblews the natural way?

  • How to promote your bubbles inside the natural way? Do not ask your connections to connect with you (that’s an indirect way of asking them to view and like your bubble). Do not ask your connections while dropping a comment in their bubble to comment and like yours, as well. Do not include a link to your bubble while dropping your comment. You know, it’s a mutual understanding (very self-explanatory). If you connect, do it, and leave a message on their profile if you want (without asking them to connect back). If you like and comment, do it, drop your opinion without asking for an exchange.
  • How to promote your bubbles outside Bubblews the natural way? You can use the social media shares you find in the left side of your bubble (just below the like and dislike buttons) – you CAN use them only once. If you have tweeted your bubble, do not do it again. Maybe, there are users who can’t understand this process (but you know, there are keeping their system stable – I believe that they have the just reason why it’s only allowed to use those social media once). But we can always share our bubbles on social media by manually submitting our URL (no software, no bots – yeah, promote it manually). Do not promote your bubbles to exchange groups like Facebook pages created for that purpose.

Follow the rest of the rules to make money on Bubblews.

You need to follow all the rules, don’t worry, the rules are simple. If you have doubts, don’t hesitate to email in the staff. If you don’t want to email in, ask the old bubblers, I am sure they know the answer, or ask me in the comment below. I am ready to help you. Once and for all, if you are not making any money on Adsense, or writing sites like Squidoo and Hubpages, it’s your time to cash out on Bubblews.

Some of my bubbles on Bubblews:

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