I will help you make money online by blogging your passion!

It is good to share our blessings, right? So, right now, I want to share mine.

FYI: This would be a series of posts about make money blogging, so be sure to bookmark this website if you are “really” interested to know the secret recipe. Well, this will not be a secret recipe anymore, because I am going to share this with you, starting today.

This recipe is not an overnight success, nor some hype that says make money while you sleep.

But, I am sharing this with you because every Dad or Mom or Student can achieve this, or achieve even more… We all know that the Philippine economy is not that strong or stable — well, for us ordinary people.

That is the reason why many of us are indebted with several loan sharks online. As you have followed my recent articles or posts here on Self-Help, you have noticed that I have shared or recommended a few legit cash loans online true mobile apps.

Borrowing money could be a solution to our financial problem, however, this is just a short-term solution. Well, after 14-30 days we have to repay the money with 20-40% interest on top of the loan proceeds. Sometimes, we run short of our budget, and that would lead to more serious problems — like being buried with debt… remember if we have an unpaid loan with a loan shark — in just a few months we are already buried with debt

The worst thing that could happen is STRESS. Unpaid loans could lead to stress. Once this happens to you — your life would be in so much trouble to the point that you cannot decide rationally. Stress could block rational thinking. I have talked to people on messenger, and some said that at times they already thought of suicide brought by unpaid loans…

Your life is about to change… if you are willing to make a change!

So, the life-changing questions are: are you willing to learn to change the course of your present situation right now? Are you willing to work hard?

If you answer is two yeses, then read on… if not, I am afraid that I could not help you. But if you think you could get on the challenge right now — then I am excited to help you achieve an extra P20,000 a month right at your own home… yes, I am teaching you the RIGHT WAY to make money from home.

I am about to teach you an important skill… just like when you go to school…

Education is a possession or asset or wealth that could not be taken from you… nor it can be stolen from you. It is yours to live on.

Here at Self-Help, I am going to teach you something that you can live on… a skill that you can use to make P20,000 a month or more, depending on your hard work and dedication. Not only that, I am not just teaching you to make an active income, I’ll teach you to generate passive income…

Let me describe active and passive income first so you can appreciat it.

Active income — it is the income that you earn in exchange of your active service. So, if you are employed, you go to work 5 or 6 times a week, and you are compensated for it… on Sundays or weekends, since you are not rendering your service — you are not paid for those days.

Passive income — an income that you earn while you are not actively involved in it. One perfect example is when you run a business, you hired employees, the workforce work for you, and you profit from their labor…

So, when you have 100 employees, there are 100 people who are making money for you… even if you go on a vacation, right?

However, we are not going to run a business where we are hiring employees. That needs capital, and right now, I want you to start with a very minimal investment. No, don’t take it wrong — I AM NOT GOING TO ASK YOU SOME MONEY… I will be offering a working solution FREE of CHARGE!

Since I am teaching an online-based business, you need a working PC, and a good internet connection… that will cost you money, right? Without that, you cannot start.

What am I going to teach you?

I will teach how to blog… and I will give you premium blogging tools worth $350+ for FREE.

Yes, you have heard it right. I will teach you how to convert your passion into money — approximately P20,000 or more per month — as a side income or full-time career. Plus, I will provide you with almost all the resources that you need to kickstart your blogging journey…

You might read “make money blogging” a hundred times already — but no one really cares to teach you EXACTLY how to do it. Sometimes, bloggers and marketers would hype you with great promises, to the extent that you will buy some products — and they earn money from you.

Here at Self-Help, I will teach you the sure way to make money blogging for ordinary Pinoys, and you don’t have to speak or write in English… I know, you might want to write your expertise about something — but you are hindered by the fact that you lack confidence with your English writing skills…

Yes, you don’t have to write your blog post in English — and you don’t need to buy or pay anything in order to start.

But, I really want to know if you are interested… I will give you time to think about it. I am doing this FREE of charge, so I want to know if my effort in writing this tutorial SERIES will actually worth my time.

As I said earlier, this is not an overnight success… and this is not about making money doing NOTHING… of course, you have to do SOMETHING… and you have to work hard.

Are you up for the challenge? Do you want me to help you make money online at the comfort of your home while taking care of your kids and family?

If your is answer is YES, join our exclusive Blogging 101 Facebook group now!

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Prime Aque is the back-end guy of Self-Help. He is a blogger and WordPress front-end designer. Importantly, he is a husband and a father of three wonderful kids. His firstborn are twin girls. He loves writing and sharing.

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