Make it FUN! Tips for ESL Teachers with Intermediate Students

Teaching a second language is difficult. Teaching it to kids with lesser patience is much more difficult. If you are an ESL (English as Second Language) on line teacher you might reject teaching younger students due to this factor. Dealing with children requires more patience and extra effort. Plus, their parents are always on the watch on how you treat their kids. Fret no more! Here are some easy steps you could do to make your class session more bearable to you and enjoyable to your students.

  • SMILE!

This is the easiest way to make the kids at ease with you. If you smile the moment they see you, they would feel at ease and comfortable. Also, make a smile last from the start of the class until the last second of the end no matter how poorly the kid did. It would encourage the child to do better next time. If you could make it genuine, do it. Somehow, kids could feel a fake smile.


One way to catch their attention is to speak in a lively voice. Put emotions into the lines. If you are discussing a story, change your voices a bit when reading the scripts of different characters. It would keep the class from being boring and would make the class fun! It would also teach the kid how to make use of stresses and intonations.


Motions also put emphasis on your message and it makes it easier for a child to understand what you are saying. Encourage the student to make use of gestures, too! It would make the words more memorable plus it is also another way to entice your students.


Assess the ability of the child and do not push him or her to the limit. Children have the tendency to regress when they have developed fear of their mentors. Always find a way or technique to deliver the lessons that would suit the learning ability of your student.


Once a student gave effort to answer, appreciate it even if the answer is incorrect. Do it at first to make your student feel that his or her effort is very important. Be gentle when giving corrections and do not forget to praise your student accordingly.

Children are the most rewarding and appreciative students ever. Once you are able to go beyond that line of awkwardness, you would find that they are easier to teach since they have the desire to please their mentors. Have a positive attitude in the class and surely, it would reflect and influence your students too!


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7 thoughts on “Make it FUN! Tips for ESL Teachers with Intermediate Students”

  1. Being a teacher is probably one of the hardest jobs there is. One needs to have lots of patience especially when dealing with kids.

  2. To become a teacher is easy, but to achieve the objective as a teacher is the hardest part of this hob.

  3. Online teaching is very in demand now a days and those tips you shared are very helpful and useful to those who wanted to teach online. Teaching needs a lot of patience and dedication.

  4. I am a teacher and also was selected as online teacher.Teaching needs very good patience to deal with all types of the kids behavior especially teens


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