How To Make A Day Off Fun Again

If you’ve got a day off work or without the kids, it can be really tempting just to stay in bed! Instead, after a bit of a lie-in, get up and do something fun! Read on to be inspired with ways to make the day exciting again.

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See a movie

With packages like Netflix and Amazon Prime, it can be really tempting to stay on the sofa and watch there. However, it is still the case that cinemas get first dibs on showing new movies. You don’t want to have the plot of something spoiled because everyone in the office is talking about it! Plus, the cinema is fun. Most have ample parking right outside, so you can take the car and avoid slow buses or packed trains. Treat yourself to a big box of popcorn or a tray of nachos. Or, try and sneak your own food in; just make sure you have it in a bag! There are a few different schemes out there now to make cinema tickets less expensive. Meerkat Movies from Compare The Market is one such way to get two for one cinema tickets. Vue cinemas also do ‘Super Tuesday’. With this you can get up to a third off a full-price ticket.

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relax and see a movie
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Take a loved one to dinner

If you’re always eating takeaway at home or stuck in the kitchen, make a change. Head out for dinner and take a loved one along. It will be a really treat to be served at your table. Plus the variety of food and drinks are on offer are likely far wider than what you have a home. Italian food is one cuisine where you can truly taste the difference when it’s made my professional chefs. L’anima is one such place where you can enjoy a top quality Italian meal and a delicious glass of wine.

Plan an adventure

You don’t have to leave the house for this one. However, it’s more exciting than just watching TV or lounging around. Grab that old pile of travel brochures that have been collecting dust in a corner. Browse the pages and start to get ideas for your next holiday or adventure. You don’t have to book anything! Just start to decide where you would like to go next. You could even tear out your favourite images and hotels and make a scrapbook. You could even start thinking about new outfits and swimwear you’d buy. Add to it over time. Once you are ready to book further down the line, you’ll be able to go back to your book and make an informed decision.

Skype an old friend

Sometimes we drift apart from friends for no better reason that distance or time. However, if you were friends before, chances are you will be again now. Plan a Skype date with someone you’ve meant to catch up with for ages. It’s more immediate than writing a letter, and more personal that a phone call. Plus you’ll be able to see them in person and interact face to face.

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