Make Calls and Texts Absolutely Free

Everybody deserves a FREEBIE and so do I?
I will share how I call my beau everyday on USA with 3 minutes free call and I text him unlimited in the comfort of computer.

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There some folks there claiming they free but some are just marketing strategies and need to give some credit card details.
This is site is proven that they are really FREE. You can browse it.

1. – free text all over the world unlimited

2. – free calls worldwide with maximum of three minutes. Allotted time varies according to the country you are calling. there are certain countries that exclude on the list for free calls. Free text soon…

3. – this is for Philippine number only.It is a forum wherein they offer free text to all networks. I don’t have to reload my prepaid sim and I can text them right away . It sends out different number so make sure you better put your name on the text messages

I’ve been using this for a year and I hope it will help to those who are on a budget.
its free…I swear!

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7 thoughts on “Make Calls and Texts Absolutely Free”

  1. Welcome to the D2D family. These tip of yours is astounding. This will make communicating with others easier. Plus it’s free. How can any not love free stuff! Yey to free stuff.

  2. awwwww.. thank you everyone.I find it really cool here plus you guyz are really awesome.Looking forward to read more of you!

    Yes Chikka is good but it limits 4-5 messages each mobile number unless recipients will message back with a charge of 2.50 php and they will add up to your credit .

    • I used Chikka way back. But the texting industry is becoming more competitive and free is the name of the game.


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