Love Money? Make More Of It

Whatever way you look at it, money is a crucial aspect of modern life. It might not buy happiness, but it’s very hard to enjoy your life fully when facing debts and being unable to afford any of life’s little luxuries.

Making money should be high on everybody’s agenda. But knowing how to achieve this isn’t always easy. Well, here are five fantastic options below. Find one that works for you, and your bank balance should soon reap the rewards.

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Online Writing

How does getting paid to share your opinions on various topics sound? Pretty good, right? Well, thanks to the internet, this reality is easier to achieve than ever before.

The hardest part of this task is finding the best outlets to use. This list of legit writing resources should come in extremely handy, but I’m sure there are plenty of others. The key is to do your research early and ensure that you find somewhere that will suit your particular writing style.

Nonetheless, this is a fantastic option for creative individuals. Who knows, it might even open up some doors to help turn writing into a full-time career.


If you want to see your savings grow, then letting them sit in a bank account probably isn’t the best option. There are various options available, and one popular method is to dabble in the stock markets.

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There are many different markets to choose from, but penny stocks are particularly appealing for those that want to make quick money. The volatile nature means that you could potentially see your savings grow at an exponential rate within a matter of days.

Of course, there are no guarantees and a level of risk is involved. As long as you understand what you are getting into, though, you’ve every chance of doing well.

Renting Out Assets

You know how you sometimes rent an item for a weekend? Well, guess what, you could be the one to make money by becoming the lender rather than the lendee.

It’s quite astonishing to think about the things you could rent out. Luxury handbags and specialist tech equipment are just two options. Alternatively, you could allow a film crew to use your property for filming. You’ll make money and get to see your home on TV.

The key to this option is only to use trusted facilities. Always take a deposit (just in case) and make sure there is a contact regarding damages.

Ask For A Raise

Wait a second, crazy thought: you could just ask your boss for a raise.

This is a subject that needs to be handled in the appropriate manner. However, if you genuinely feel underpaid, then there’s nothing wrong with posting the question. If nothing else, it shows confidence and a willingness to achieve more at work. Most employers will respect this, even if they ultimately reject the plea.

And if you do get a pay rise, then those rewards will be felt by your bank balance every single month. Perfect.

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