Live Your Life To The Fullest

Who would care the most about yourself if not you? AS the saying goes, you only get to live once, so why not make the most out of it?  You might have been too giving of other’s needs, but don’t you think that you also owe yourself a little fun and happiness as well?

  • You don’t need to really spend that much to enjoy life. Having a stroll by the park, by the beach or at the mall, not minding too much of others. Just enjoy being where you are and be happy that somehow, you get that peace that you want in yourself.
  • Being able to be in a different place, just looking at passersby may seem to be a bore to some, but we all need to unwind sometimes. We take too much work when in the office; the noise at home might be deafening at times. Having a “me” time is not at all bad. Just let the people around you understand that you also need some space to be in a “worry-free zone”.
  • Grab a book that might inspire you to become a better person or yet books that could help you improve with your craft. That would surely be a nice time to discover new things without much pressure.
  • This can actually be the best time to know yourself. Attend a retreat. It can help you realize some of the mistakes you have made and straighten up things that you need to work out on.
  • Probably making some risks would not be a choice of others. But challenge yourself to do beyond what you usually do. You might just be amazed to discover something great that would help your life in the future.
  • It is natural for us to think about what the future lies ahead of us. But stop worrying too much. Instead, focus on things that can actually help you deal with life.
  • We can never please everyone no matter how good you can be. Do not get bothered with criticisms. Instead, make it as your source of strength.
  • Always see things in a positive light. Even when things seem to be getting you down, try to find ways on how to get out of the hole and see the goodness in every situation.
  • Stay away from people who are of no good influence. They can only poison your mind and lose track of your good path to freedom and success.
  • Try to look back at your past and see how it has affected your life today. How are you? If you feel that you need someone to empower you, talk to the person that you trust most. Letting your heart out to someone can help you decide better. Listen to what your heart says.
  • Traveling alone may not be fun for some. But if you need some quiet time, be one with nature by going to a beach or probably go to another country and learn their culture. Explore different places to keep your mind off from the city life.
  • Forgive yourself if you have made bad decisions that has affected your relationship with others. Things happen-whether you intentionally did it or not, the most important is you realize that you have hurt someone and that you’re sorry. Try to make up with them.
  • Learn new things like a new language, do some crafts or learn a new sport. Be bold! Be a whole new different you– but of course, be a much better you.
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Jenny Alano

Mother and Passionate Writer I had the realization of love in writing at an early age. Rediscovered the passion 20 years after and integrated the passion into an earning opportunity. "The simplest words may not be uttered by the lips....the lingering thoughts echo through my work."

14 thoughts on “Live Your Life To The Fullest”

  1. Thank you for sharing great pointers Jenny! Last night, I walked my way home – that’s halfway. I went to the wet market, and I walked on the sidewalk along the highway, and you know I realized how beautiful the place is. It is indeed a paradise, people need to appreciate things to enjoy life.

    I am a kind of person that keeps on learning. I am not contented, because I believe I can do more… Way back 2010, I had no idea what HTML, CSS or PHP were, but I look outside the box and told myself – since you are interested on those things, why not try it?

    I follow my heart and you know I found a great happiness!

    • This is really inspiring bro. I remember back in 2000 when i first decided to learn HTML. I studied it for a few days and made my first webpage. I thought is was fairly decent. So a few days afterwards, i had my first webpage client. I earned Php 6,000 for that static site. I can’t remember which one though. But when you love doing something, we can find ways to improve on our skills.

      • I once tried to learn HTML, had fun for a while,then just got disinterested. I had a partner back then whom I would always consult with. But ever since he started working in an office again, it was just me on my own. So, probably, hooking up with you guys is really a blessing! 😉

        • I sometimes use my HTML background to make training materials for my clients and participants. It’s a break from the usual paper handouts. Plus, it’s more interactive.

      • Wow! So you mean you have been online as early as 2000 bro? I am amazed with that! You know, I grew up in the province and I got the chance to hands on on a pc was 2006! That was the time I moved here in the city to study college! And since I love writing, I ventured out blogging, and since I am not contented into borrowing webpages of other people, I always find a way to make my own, I have 1 personal blog on blogger, and one on wordpress! I got a client on blogger too and few on wordpress cms.

        I want to know from you the look and feel of the world wide web back in 2000 bro!

        • I was introduced to homnebased online jobs in 2010. Since then, I never left the virtual world. Fell in love with it!

          • @jenny1015:disqus there was a time around 2008 where I had to do lots of research because I worked as a ghost writer for bloggers and companies online. it was an additional stint to earn some cash. My editor was awesome. We even had a birthday bonus. Then I realized why not write for myself instead.

          • Weekends, after work, break times, practically whenever I can squeeze it in. Hard but doable.

        • It was boring back then. I went online just to find information and practically that was it. Compared today, almost everything is connected to the internet. I still have my HTML notes. I don’t know why still keep it.

    • LOL That’s the way we should all think—coz if we let our problems engulf our lives, then we are just killing ourselves before our due time!


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