Live a motivated life with these simple tips

  • Try surrounding yourself with POSITIVE PEOPLE! If you don’t have any friends, or the friends you do have aren’t the most positive people out there DON’T WORRY! It is totally possible to meet new people who can give you a spark in your life. Go to the gym and just chat with the people there, offer to spot them or whatever it takes to get a dialogue going. Go to a coffee shop and talk to the person behind the counter, talk to as many people as you can! Listen to podcasts on iTunes, it’s an awesome way to hear intelligent positive people chatting about things they love (I would suggest The Joe Rogan experience or The Lavender Hour).


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  • BE NICE TO PEOPLE! I’m not saying that you aren’t being nice now, but one of the best ways to feel good is to say to someone with a sincere smile “Have a great day!” The nicer you are, the nicer the people around you will be. That being said, don’t become discouraged if the people you talk to aren’t nice back – that has nothing to do with you; everyone has their own personal psychology to deal with, and you never know when someone has just broken up with their girlfriend or is stressed about debts or is in a deep depression themselves.

  • MAKE SURE YOU LIVE IN A CLEAN SPACE! Inner happiness is greatly influenced by your outer environment. Clean up your house/apartment/room so that you can be proud of the space you call your own. If that seems like an insurmountable task for you, then hire a maid! Go out for a nice long walk and come back to a freshly cleaned house – it will be worth every penny!
  • EMBRACE THE BEAUTY IN LIFE! Listen to music you love. Read great books (I would suggest a Vonnegut novel!). Go to a museum or art gallery and look at paintings, pictures, sculptures and other works of art and realize that you are not alone on this flying rock in space! Everyone who has ever lived has gone through fantastic emotions that we all share – every work of art you see is someone who is calling out to the world proclaiming that “You are not alone! I was alive too! We’re all in this together!”
  • This may sound silly but SMILE! Look into the mirror and smile at yourself. When you’re on the internet, smile. When you’re on the bus, smile. When you’re making your coffee, smile. Whenever your mind wonders, smile. Pretend you’re in a movie and it’s the scene where the main character remembers someone special in their life and smiles. Be your own ’someone special’ and remember yourself and SMILE!

Life Is Good

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