Life Doesn’t Just Happen, You Create It

Have you ever felt really pissed and discouraged about the economy? Are there moments when you stop and say, “I think this is already a lost war?” Millions of people feel that way. They see life as a series of events happening to them. Some of the events are beautiful, and these beautiful events are really far apart. Some of the events – and they are the majority in most cases – are trying and unpleasant.

The reactive person looks at life as something that happens to him.

It is not something he can choose. He sees himself as circumstantial, determined to be the way he or she is by circumstances. Such a person looks up to others to make the choices for them. Or they believe that life has already make decisions and thrown them where they are. Our thought patterns are shaped by experiences, and these experiences become lenses through which we see the reality. There is always some part of our past that we carry around us. It is the world of our pain, our frustrations, and the hurts we have suffered. We carry it everywhere we go and it has a strong influence in the way we react to things.

One of the hardest truths about this world is that we are hardly aware it exists, and hence it becomes even more difficult to let it go. Once we have been loved, we spend our whole life trying to regain the ardor of that lost love. Once we have been hurt, we begin to associate similar experiences with pain, and in the same way, we allow our pain to overshadow our reasoning and our vision. It is like wearing glasses that are made for someone else. If the person has a different sight problem from us, what we see will be definitely distorted.

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