Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

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How do you make life work for you? Do you aspire to be a better person that you are or do you just wait for things to happen without putting much effort? Are you satisfied with the kind of life that you currently have? Has there been any difference 10 years ago? Do you think of stepping up and finally make a difference? These are just a few questions to help us become a better version of ourselves. YOU must realize that not unless you get out of your comfort zone, the success that you might have been dreaming all your life would never be anywhere within your reach with you just being there while you sleep the whole day waiting for the MIRACLE to fall on your head.


I have seen a lot of people, those living in poor urban areas, where they start their day differently. You see the men either drunk at 7am or are holding their most prized-possession fighting cocks while the women are either playing mahjong or are tirelessly talking about their neighbor who went home at 4 am with an American dude. See hoe unproductive some people are and when they are asked to move out from where they live, they have the nerves to fight for their rights!


All I am saying is, if we feel that we need some huge changes in our lives, if we think that we can do so much more to make improvements, why not diversify, continue to learn and then eventually put them into practice. If we put some limitations in our capabilities, then you are just wasting the only life you have. There should be no second thoughts if providing the best for your family is what you have in mind. Do everything that is possible. Do anything impossible.

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Jenny Alano

Mother and Passionate Writer I had the realization of love in writing at an early age. Rediscovered the passion 20 years after and integrated the passion into an earning opportunity. "The simplest words may not be uttered by the lips....the lingering thoughts echo through my work."

4 thoughts on “Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone”

  1. yes, we will not know the taste until we grab and bite a bit. chew and swallow.

    just like the comfort zone. but stepping out of the comfort zone is messy but exciting.

  2. It is quite a challenge to step out of the comfort zone. There could be some failures or success, it depends on how we do it.

  3. I am always for a challenge. When we challenge ourselves to go farther and further, we untie ourselves from stagnation. Sure there is comfort in doing what you already know. But there is a whole world of knowledge and skills we can all tap. Our success depends on how much we want it and what we are willing to do to reach it.


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