Letting Day2DayTips To be More Than Just A Writing Site

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Good day Motivators! 

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I am very pleased to announce that the day2DayTips Community is increasing each day. This just shows that we are slowly gaining popularity in the virtual writing community as we prove ourselves to be one of the legitimate paying sites. We have however noticed the decline in the interaction among the members. We surely would like to liven things around here. Do you have any suggestions? Please feel free to send us some of your great insights.


For the new members, thank you for making Day2DayTips as part of your daily online activity. Please be reminded that we want to make Day2DayTips to be more than just any ordinary writing site. We require sharing motivational, encouraging and informative tips. We also welcome reviews which can also help the community know about. We do understand that some of you would want to share your everyday experiences and your thoughts on a particular topic which you might have been freely allowed to post on other sites. However, with those kinds of topics, please include something that the community would be able to learn something from like how you were able to solve a problem, or how you were able to get out of a certain situation. We definitely would not like to read posts complaining about other sites. We do not want to be competing with them as Day2Daytips offers a different kind of experience for its members.


If you have queries or suggestions, please never hesitate to send us an email. We will gladly respond to them as soon as possible.


“Let’s make a huge difference by putting a smile on other people’s faces. Let us touch the lives of those people in need. Be an inspiration for others.”

Have   a great week ahead!
—-Day2DayTips Admins
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Jenny Alano

Mother and Passionate Writer I had the realization of love in writing at an early age. Rediscovered the passion 20 years after and integrated the passion into an earning opportunity. "The simplest words may not be uttered by the lips....the lingering thoughts echo through my work."

22 thoughts on “Letting Day2DayTips To be More Than Just A Writing Site”

  1. Hello Admin Jenny! Yeah, Day2DayTips is more than just a
    revenue sharing site. This is a community for writers who want more than the
    earnings they could generate! Though our compensation algorithm is lesser than
    other writing sites, but rest assured that our posts are tailored to help other
    people – to inspire ones’ lives. I guess it’s more than making a hundred bucks
    when you got an email from one of your readers who are thanking you for sharing
    helpful tips that change their lives for the better!

    Thank you so much to all of you who are sharing practical
    tips on the site, and let’s liven up the community through sharing and

    • Thanks for making it more uplifting for the community to know just how it is to be part of Day2DayTips. It is more than earning bucks. It is more than spreading posts to different social media sites. It is by making ourselves stand out among the other revenue sharing sites that can help inspire and motivate people.

      • Yeah, and by joining here, you are given justice! It’s hurtful to know that sometimes, in order to make money we have to mix quality posts with next to nonsense articles – however, that’s the reality…. but thanks to writing platform like Day2DayTips – at least we have the venue for writing good posts that can influence a positive change!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, though as of now, there is too much competition in writing sites. You are right when you said that members should not write about complaints regarding other sites, which I find unethical (IMO).

    • Thank you for that @disqus_TX22UBwzf9:disqus though they call it competition – but here on Day2DayTips, we do not compete any of the writing site out there…. we know where we stand, one thing is sure – we will be here for a long time.

    • I know that you are also a member of another site wherein the admin has complained about the posts by some members talking about another site. Each site has a personnel to handle complaints but only about their own sites and not of the others.

  3. I’ve just joined D2D for a few days and I feel like this is my new home 🙂 I think I’ll be here for a long long time.

    • Hello @khangvo:disqus Thank you so much for that, we are so happy to know that you like the site. D2DTips is a self-serve collaborative blogging platform, you can write contents based on your experiences without limit – 5 posts, 10 posts, you are allowed to post as many tips as you want.

      • I have one suggestion for the site, if it is possible, please make the stats of posts real-time, or at least I can how many views/likes/comments as well as traffic sources to my posts (just to optimize which ways I should use to promote my posts).

    • That is good to know! Just continue sharing and enjoy interacting with fellow motivators. And I am very sure that you would feel real good about being part of this community.

  4. I do love this site, but other writing work keeps me away…not competition, but writing for clients…my plan is to interact and contribute more now that I have a set schedule. Thanks for being here and I will enjoy growing with you!

    • Thanks, @lisaaltmann:disqus ! We have actually missed you! As what we often tell others who asked about Day2DayTips, we want to stand out among the revenue sharing sites wherein we would only want to provide quality content and at the same time, turn it to like a forum wherein people would throw in their suggestions and opinions which others might find very helpful

  5. Thanks for the tips on using personal experience to write tips. I try to do that but don’t always make it clear that these are from my own experience. I am busy with other sites and private clients, but I try to post at least one tip on a weekday unless it’s a day that I plan to take off from the computer.

  6. i haven’t been here very much at all, and a lot of it is because of the lack of interaction. I don’t complain about any other site here or anywhere else, in my opinion, the only one that looks bad for is me. And on most, if not all sites, it’s against the rules, as is re-posting articles. As it should be.

    I actually won’t be here till after I have my eye exam, as I’m trying to type this, with my prescription sunglasses on. (don’t put that off like I just did, it’s NOT worth it)!

    I agree with eveything said here. 150%! If you don’t have any tips, at least read others and comment!

    • Thanks, @katinhat ! Sometimes, just one comment could lead to a long , good conversation which is really healthy for both the site and in building friendship.

  7. More than just a writing site… I like how that sounds! Okay, count me in on making more effort to interact and let my presence felt more from now on 😉

    • Thanks, &g2narat ! Only one person should start and everyone else will follow. There are a lot of great tips submitted on Day2DayTips for the past 5 months. Only i we could make a book out of it, right? Well. who knows? 😉

  8. I should’ve tell you why Day2Daytips is unique from any other revenue sharing website. Here you can learn from every tip because the tips are based on personal life experiences, which is hard to find on anywhere else. Moroever, if a community have such a large amount of practical tips then they should interact with each other and should start a debate on the specific tip.


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