Let us do the Clicking: Photography Basic

What are the things you do during your free time? As a mom I have a lot of things to do during my free time. I am a homebody type of person, if I am not working my whole time devoted to my son and home. One thing that keeps me busy is taking pictures. A photo makes me relax and I am always amazed how those great images turn to masterpiece.

I love nature, animals and real life action as a subject but of course my favorite subject is my son, I love taking shots when he is playing, doing his assignment, in school and in action from his different activities.

One concerned of many in taking pictures is the camera; do you need an expensive one in taking pictures?

In capturing moments and unforgettable events you don’t have to have an expensive camera to take a shot because there are numerous apps now helps you to edit your photo and turn it magnificently.  So what are you going to do to enjoy this hobby?

Always bring your camera with you:

My camera is my best friend; I always bring it with me and ready to capture moments and events of my son. Sometimes I am able to take an interesting pieces from the streets, way to school, church, malls, restaurant and places that I visited.

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Do the Clicking as Many as You can:

I take a lot of pictures, I am keeping all the angles and reserve all for editing on the later part of the day. I do a lot of research and read articles and blogs that helps me to understand what is camera and pictures all about. I am studying now how to edit the images and putting right shade, background and blend.

This is one thing that I love in pictures, I love playing colors and photos and after I am done editing and spotting the angle that caught my interest I feel satisfied.

There are so many hobbies that suits especially for us Moms that makes our day more productive, relieves our stress and makes us feel fulfilled.

Have Fun and enjoy clicking …

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2 thoughts on “Let us do the Clicking: Photography Basic”

  1. Photography is my other passion though I used ordinary cameras in the past,just learned how to adjust lighting and speed. Now am using my android cellphone! ha ha ha!

    • Me too Tita lol… Before I used to use real camera but I found it hassle to always bring with me, now mobile camera is more handy. I an take a shot whenever where ever and the good thing pictures become great with so many apps available online.


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