Legit Writing Sites: Make Money Online Writing Articles

I’ve been making money writing essays and articles for different sites since 2007, and I’ve handpicked some of the best writing sites you can make money from in 2015 and beyond.

What is the list of legit and paying sites?

I’ve been making money on Academia-Research.com since 2007 (when I was a college student), and now it stays legit for hardworking writers. Check Academia for latest perks. I’ve written several essays last couple of months. If you love writing academic essays, then Academia is worth a try. To tell you, I am not that good in writing, but I am able to please my clients through working hard on my grammar (I use Ginger Grammar Checker all the time, also check PaperRater.com). To learn more about English grammar, check Anglo-Link.com.

In order to start writing on Academia-Research, of course, you have to register and pass their exam. The most expensive essay I’ve written on Academia is about public education in the US (K-12) and I was paid $140 (with multiple revision requests). In the end, I get 5 stars!


Have you checked fiverr for writing gigs? Yes. That’s correct. Fiverr is a place where people like you can make money online by offering different services to buyers. Visit Fiverr and offer your writing gig. You can offer your writing gig starting at $5, but Fiverr offers several perks for sellers now – don’t miss it.

I am a seller on Fiverr and offering web designing services. The most expensive service I’ve offered to client was $200. So, don’t think Fiverr is not suitable for bread winners like you! If you work hard – you can supplement your full time job with your Fiverr income.

Tip: You should try to work on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in order for you gig to surface. Yes, that’s the challenging part right there. When buyers go to Fiverr, they will search for the services that they want – your part is to make your gig searchable. What I did? I observed how top sellers worked on their content. Right now, my gig about “Genesis Child Theme” customization appears first on search results.


Though I haven’t actually cashed out here, but I would always include iWriter on my list of legit writing sites. Have you heard about iWriter before? If you have enough patience – try iWriter. If you are serious about making money – always follow client’s instruction.

If you are up for a challenge, don’t miss checking iWriter. Once you pick up an article to write – you have to complete it within the time frame, say 3 hours. That’s why it challenging for me, because I have the attitude to leave the order first for some couple of hours before writing – not the case on iWriter – once you pick it start it.

Warning: don’t get frustrated if your article is rejected, learn from your mistakes. Sometimes, a client would reject your work for no reason, in that case, study client’s profile – does his rating for approving articles low? Watch out.

Why I didn’t cash out? I’ve used my earning for requesting articles from other writers. Well, that’s how life works.


Before I quit my full-time job (now working part-time as a bookkeeper), I searched for legit writings sites I could write and make money from. From my long hours of searching, I have found out that Essays.ph is one of the legit writings sites especially for Filipino writers.

In fact, I’ve created an account on Essays.ph, and they have online support if you need to clear up something. Lately, I’ve received an invitation via email to become an email based freelance writer. What’s good with it – all projects has 10% higher in earning.

Even if I don’t write for them, I can confidently spread the word about Essays.ph – because I know it is legit and paying. If you are a Mom watching your kid crawl and grow – make money on the side joining and writing for Essays.ph.

To Wrap Up

I have mentioned 4 legit writing sites here on this article, but I know the list could be longer. Make sure to do your own research and find the best that suit your skills, interest and situation.

If you know more legit paying sites, please feel free to comment below, I’d appreciate your input on this subject. Thank you.

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