Leaving a Positive Mark When You Resign From Work

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A couple of weeks from now I will be leaving my current company.  But I believe that even though I will no longer be part of the company, I should still leave a positive mark.  Moreover, resigning from work does not have to be like abandoning a ship where everyone is for himself.  Whether we are there or not, the company will still function.  It is a choice to resign from a company and maintain positive relationships with the employees and co-workers that we will leave behind.

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  • Finish your tasks.  Before leaving the company, make sure you accomplish all the tasks that you need to do.  Of course focus on the most important tasks first.  This will help the transition until they find a replacement or make the necessary adjustment to your department or unit.  Finishing the tasks will help lighten the load of the people you will leave behind.
  • Endorse properly.  It is essential that employees who will resign endorse information and documents properly.  This way, accountabilities and vital information are given to the appropriate people.  Moreover, handling transaction after you leave will become easier.
  • Never speak ill of the company or its employees. We all have our nasty bosses or irritating co-employees.  But resigning from a company does not give us the right to badmouth the company or its employees.  It would be unprofessional to do this.
  • Don’t sever personal ties.  We may not work in the company but we can still encourage healthy, personal relationships even after we have moved on.  Employment may not last long.  However, friendships do.  Keeping these ties strong will benefit us in the long run.
  • Be ready to help.  Remember that everyone needs help.  Extending our hand to those who need help is the right course of action.  We may not be working for the company but we still have friends who can turn to us for some help.

Leaving work means having to leave people and friends behind.  When we choose to move to another company, we should never burn bridges.  Instead, we must keep them strong and continuously reinforce relationships.

Employment can be fleeting.  But friendships are lasting.

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30 thoughts on “Leaving a Positive Mark When You Resign From Work”

  1. It is hard to do all those things if you resigned out of disgust or you just want to escape the heat.

    • Even so, we try our best to leave in good terms. Perhaps we have a few misunderstandings with some, but we are still leaving friends behind and we don’t want to burden them because of our ill feelings.

    • We try our best to settle everything. I know some who just dump everything on their supervisors and leave.

      • i did. but I have no pending jobs left. I left my work with dignity and composure. If did not leave, it could be more damaging for both of us. I mean my supervisors and myself. I have to leave while there is still something left for myself.

        now I am defensive. LOL

        • IN the end, we have to look after ourselves. What good it would be to work with some people when you know you’ll go insane.

          • sooooooo true.

            but if consider money and income, I am still working there. LOL it is just the I don’t value money that much.

          • I tried that before and it didn’t work for me. i thought i can get immune. i was dead wrong.

          • if you have a bit of self respect and philosophy I think “getting over and getting immune” to the issues wouldn’t really work. I mean I tried too. but after some time, I get tired.

          • It was more tiring to absorb ideas and actions I have personally disapproving than working per se.

          • The work place is filled with people with different values and ideas. Some are really productive and creative. Others are just detestable.

          • too bad I have to let go of good income, benefits and a lot more.. :'( just for my “whatever” philosophy.

          • nahhh i am not persuaded with money most often times. and it is the advantage of NO commitment.

          • my advantage, i dont have to cling on the “money” (though I need of course existence and survival) because I have no commitment so … otherwise I cant say if I will not be motivated with money.

          • As long as you have your necessities then you’re all good. So far, money is a huge need for me.

          • yes i understand … and so for me.. money is a “must”
            sorry to share this to you… bible verse..about the birds who were not fed and yet they eat… how much me as I am a child of God. I don’t now the verse I just know the essence of it.l LOL

          • although i have no savings when I get old. lol. oh well… it is understandable on your part you have a family to take care of.

  2. Good luck on your new journey admin @jpcmc:disqus, that is the best thing to do because will never knew if time will come we wanted to work back with the old one. And I agree sometimes the hardest part are the person we leave behind.


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