Learning Styles… What is yours?

Children and adults have different ways of learning.   There are different learning styles that our system is adapting to the environment.   At early stage of formal education, these learning styles can be manifested to children  These styles can be carried on until adulthood.  Surely that as you read this article you will find yourself associated to a certain learning style.

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Visual Learner
Visual Learner

Visual Learners

Children/Learners who use eyes  or vision to learn fall in this type.   They learned faster and effectively when they see a  presentation through videos,  visual aids, hand outs and other forms of visual media.  Usually these learners are  silent type readers.

Auditory Learners

Children/learners use ears to learn effectively.  These learners read aloud.  They have to hear what they are reading so that they will be able absorb the information.   For children they are very much adaptable to storytelling technique to learn best.   Music can also help them absorb the content of the subject matter quickly and effectively.   For adults, usually the learners should have the music on, (if they can’t or aren’t reading aloud) when they study.   Videos can also be effective way to teach them.

Tactile Learners

learning by doing
learning by doing

Learning by doing is how these learners absorb and understand the lessons.   Lessons should be done by demonstration and actual performing the procedure.   They are the physical learners.  For children they should really see how things are done by touching, feeling and even tasting (if possible) the lesson or object.  For example, to be able to identify shapes, there should be objects to identify them with and children should feel the corners for the square and the endless edge of the round shape.  It is more comprehensible for the children to learn the concept of A for example if they can touch the edges of the letter and writing them.  For adult learners, the learn by doing the procedure or experimentation.    Usually the reading habit of these individuals is by using finger going along under the words.

How important it is to know the learning style of a child?  This is to help the teachers and the parents to understand the child’s adaptability to learn.  Activities and teaching strategies  should vary accordingly to allow the individuals the opportunity to absorb the information fully and furthermore  to expose and  encourage them to adjust each learner  to  different   ways of learning.

What kind of learner are you, a visual, auditory or a tactile?  Do you observe your child’s learning style?


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15 thoughts on “Learning Styles… What is yours?”

  1. When my kids were younger, I made sure that I gave them materials which can tickle all their senses in order to learn new things. I have practically taped our whole bedroom of visual aids to help them recognize the alphabets, numbers, shapes, etc. I have also bought several audio tapes (Yup! You read it right, TAPES! LOL) for the first two kids I had and then the cd’s for the other two kids. The blocks and other toys helped them as well.

    • what type of learners are your kids? can you identify? Knowing this may help you understand them in the future, when they are studying on their own.

      but those were good strategies to encourage your children to love learning.

      tapes??? hmm I am not surprised at all, I also had some of those multiplex nursery rhymes for my nephew. LOL

        • hmmm… good to know.. they learned so much from your paraphernalia because they are really visual learners… good you hit the right teaching materials.

          • It was how I thought that could help them make studying easier without too much stress. When I was their age, my mom was working. She would just give me an hour or so to help me review and then I am mostly on my own. I really could not remember how she taught me the way I have taught mu kids. But what I wanted my kids to adopt themselves to is the ability to learn easily and to find learning as fun and not tedious work.

          • when I was still studying I never really studied.. i mean seriously. LOL I just make assignment and that’s it.

            most of the time I just listen to lessons and when there was exams I just answer what I remember.

            Well the new mothers like you nowadays really have a serious consideration to their children’s learning, maybe because the education nowadays is expensive unlike before.

          • That is one reason. But I guess, in my situation, cause of how I was raised, I have somehow had that inclination to be a teacher. YUP, a teacher!

          • maybe you are a teacher… or you can still teach if you want, just for a change. I did not graduate as a teacher i don’t know why I ended up as a teacher. .

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