Learn How My 3 Months Old Blog Got PageRank 3 in 2013 Google PR Update

I will tell you the whole story how I received PR3 in as early as 3 months since I started my blog.

COD is created last October 2012, transferred to WordPress by the end of December the same year. I checked my email, and I was informed by mybloggetricks that Google has rolled out its quarterly PageRank Update last February 4, 2013. I was surprised to find out that my 3-month old blog, COD received PR3!

I have no magic. I have no secret. I only have some helpful, white hat SEO that I will share in this post.


What do you mean by PageRank? It is a link analysis algorithm. I do not know exactly how it is done, but I know some important factors to increase your PR in the next 3 months. When we talk about PageRank, we also talk about backlinks or link building.

  • How does backlinks can increase your PR in the next update?
  • What is the difference between backlinks and inbound links?

Let’s find out.

I am surprised that COD has received PR3 in spite of the Penguin Update that has shocked many webmasters, bloggers and website owners last year and until today.

Here are the few things that you need in building your PageRank:

  • Quality Contents
  • Organized Blog Template
  • High PR Article Directories
  • High PR Social Bookmarking Sites
  • Relevant Blogs of your Niche
  • Ping-O-Matic

This serves as a 3-month SEO exercise for bloggers who want to get a higher PR the next update. I will discuss the four major factors in building your PageRank based on my experience, which yielded me PR3 in 3 months.

This is attainable by anybody who is serious about blogging. I do not use any software. I do not use tricks. You don’t have to enroll a webinar or purchase an ebook to increase your PR. As early as now you can apply my tips to your own sites.

Let’s start.

  • Quality Content is King – even there are changes in using SEO effectively, quality content is always on top… let’s say in a math formula, this is the so-called ‘constant’. Forget about article spinner, or article rewriter. Write. My fear is letting my readers know about my writing skill that is complete “garbage”. However, that is the most encouraging comment that I received when I insisted in one of my posts that I can teach somebody to write great contents.
  • Your template must be readers-friendly. Your site navigation (primary and secondary menus) must be easy to use and won’t, in any way, confuse your readers and followers. It should serve as an easy-to-use guide. Your menu must contain links to your homepage, about, contact and you can also make your category as part of your menu to guide your readers easily.
Backlinks or Inbound Links
  • Collect high PR Article Directories and write quality articles for the purpose of link building. An article directory has a resource box where you can add links to your site. There are some directories which allow you to add relevant links to the article body. Take the advantage but always follow the rules. Do not submit 1 article repeatedly to several directories. Always adheres to the uniqueness and quality. I tell you, 100 articles you spin by an article spinner worth nothing. Take time to write. Take time to read it. Take time to edit and proofread it before submission.
  • Social bookmarking sites do give you backlinks. Collect a handful high PR bookmarking sites and submit your post for referral traffic and backlinks. Do this in a regular basis. Social bookmarking site like Stumble Upon can generate both backlinks and referral traffics. Learn. These sites can help attain your goal.
  • Blog commenting can give you backlinks and referral traffics too. You can search for dofollow blogs, as well.  What I regularly do is look for blogs in my niche and read helpful contents, and I always take time to comment.
  • Alert the major search engines that you have new contents by using ping services. I recommend Ping-O-Matic by WordPress Foundation, but you can use other ping sites. Do not ping your sites every single day. Pinging your blog twice or thrice a month is good enough.

Do not send the Crawlers to the dead end.

Spiders crawl your contents including links which are not tagged as nofollow. If you publish a post without links, they will end up crawling on the dead end. It is good to find helpful contents you previously posted and collect them all and link them in your latest post. They love to bounce back from all corners of your blog. Give them what they want.

  • Highlight all your keywords in a word document before pasting to your blog post editor.
  • Examine if you have posted some helpful posts about the keywords highlighted.
  • Use the search tool in your blog and type each of your keywords. Hit the search button.
  • Choose which post you would like to link in an upcoming post.
  • If you cannot find any related topics which support the keywords in your previous posts, use Google and search for high PR or authoritative blog posts and link them to the upcoming post.
  • If you want your readers to dig more about a subject you haven’t tackled yet, always look for trustworthy source to link back.

What is the difference between the two terms used in the SEO game around the World Wide Web and Blogosphere?

Inbound links are the other term for backlinks. I hope it is clear now. Backlinks is links from outside that is indexed by major search engines that contain your link.

Make your task easier.

Create an Editorial Calendar – Darren Rowse of Problogger.net has explained the use of an editorial calendar effectively. The above list may seem overwhelming. Make your everyday task simple by following your editorial calendar. Do it slowly but surely. Make use each of your day productively.

Is PageRank important to you? Can you share your practical tips too?

Image source: Stuart Miles @ freedigitalphotos.net

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Prime Aque is the back-end guy of Self-Help. He is a blogger and WordPress front-end designer. Importantly, he is a husband and a father of three wonderful kids. His firstborn are twin girls. He loves writing and sharing.

48 thoughts on “Learn How My 3 Months Old Blog Got PageRank 3 in 2013 Google PR Update”

        • The answer is no if you have done this correctly, I will share few tips:

          1. Choose only the most important contents in your blog and list them down in a spreadsheet.
          2. Sign up for high PR social bookmarking sites and directories, put them down on a spreadsheet, I recommend using Google drive so you can access your document wherever you are.
          3. Submit your links to each of your choosen sites, but make sure you don’t sound like spamming their system and you know what I mean right? They love your participation, so make sure your engagement sounds natural by promoting other helpful sites too.
          4. Stumble Upon is a great social bookmarking tool so take time discovering all their helpful features. Participate and start stumbling other blogs too.
          5. If you are submitting to article directories, make sure to submit quality and unique articles. Do not spin articles – It will yield nothing.

          Note – consider your link building a 3 month exercise.. so do all these gradually. Do you have an editorial calendar? At least you can do submission once or twice a week… that would help.

    • Thank you so much for visiting COD Amit – it’s an honor… yeah I love your posts and iTechCode is a great resource for me so I guess I will be there often! I am collecting great blogs 🙂

  1. hello
    Prime Aque
    first time i m visting ur blog nice customization ..thnx for sharing the complete secret with us ..soon i will apply it to my blog too ……to get gud pr in next update

    • Hi Bro! You have a great blog too! I visited yours before writing this comment and you got a nice customization, as well! I love it – clean and professional looking… and I found out you are using SEOPressor … can you share more about it friend?

      Anyway, I am happy to know that you found this post helpful – when I am doing this again with some addition to my task >>> these are guest posting and blog commenting – and as you can see now I have 2 guest posts live!!!

      Please check your mail – I have replied you bro!

      Best Regards,

  2. Hey Prime,

    Wow, man!
    That’s a hot deal you got here.
    You just shared in one post the blueprint for getting a PR3.
    You could even make an Ebook out of this one post ans sell it up front.

    Great value, again!


  3. Thanks for sharing these tips. I hope applying these tips will yield in good PR for me too 🙂
    How often does google update PR? How can I know that?
    And what good social bookmarking tool, other than stumble upon, are there?

    • Hi, thank you for visiting COD! Like what Darren Rowse of Problogger said – Building Blog is Like Building Muscles… if you will do that consistently, there’s no doubt you will yield PR too!

      Google rolls PR update in a quarterly basis, the next one will be on May… check some PR checker site and enter your blog URL in there and you will see. You can install PR checker addon on your browser too so you can monitor you PR as well PR of your favorite blogs.

      There a lot of social bookmarking tool but stick with few like Stumble Upon, Riddet, Diigo, Digg, etc… in choosing these sites, look at their PR. If you want my free report you can sign up with my free newsletter and then ask me for my list of high PR social bookmarking sites!


      • HI,
        I have Google PR plugin already installed, it helps me a lot in checking if I did main SEO correctly.
        Signing up to your newsletter, DONE ! Waiting for your list of high PR social bookmarking sites!

        • Are you using SEO plugins like SEOPressor? I haven’t use that but Ms. Ileane of basic blog tips is using SEOPressor. PR Pugin or PR checker addon for browsers is important to track your pages for PageRank.

          Thanks for the subscription, I will be sending you out the lists 🙂

          • I use All in one SEO. I tried SEO pressor when I submitted an article to comluv ( unfortunately the post was sent to trash bcs it wasn’t unique, I did copied few sentences from a report by mayo clinic, but all were between brackets and I mentioned the references, but they have auto reply system !)
            Any way, this plugin gives you a grade out of 100, it is useful.
            I use google plugin for PR, it shows H1, H2, meta tags,# of backlinks,,,,,etc
            I received the list, thanks a lot 😀

          • Ms. Ileane of Basicblogtips recommend SEO Pressor 🙂 Anyway, it’s not free so I won’t recommend myself… I do not say we shouldn’t rely on premium services/tools/plugins but I guess All in one SEO is one of the perfect alternative for SEO Pressor.

            Honestly I am less active about using this tool, but I guess it’s an important of building SEO 🙂

            Your welcome pal.

  4. Great tactics buddy. I guess guest blogging is another important thing that one must do in order to get a good Pagerank within a short span of time. All we need to take care of is that the blog on which we are guest blogging or commenting is relevant to our own sites’ niche.

    • Hi there, you are right. The last 3 months, I do not focus on guest blogging, but right now I already have 3 posts approved! Have you been at cumluv? I guess it’s a great blog for suitable for all niche!

  5. Hello Prime,

    Does onsite SEO has got to do anything with Page Rank. I have been doing all what you have said over the past 3 months. However my page rank is still zero, but have got a global alexa rank of 1,92,000

    Would you be kind enough to take a look at my site and tell me what I can do to improve my page rank and also traffic..

    Looking forward to hear from you.


    • Hi Rafi,

      Thank you for asking that. On site SEO is important for newly born sites like mine and yours however I found out that off site SEO is vital for building our PageRank… that’s building relationship with other trusted sites by major search engines that’s why I am doing link building in a regular basis. Have you tried guest posting? Have you tried linking back to sites with high PageRank and traffic?

      Try article submission sites like Ezine. Try guest blogging. Try submitting your contents to high PR social bookmarking sites. Try blog commenting.

      Sources from outside are helpful if they are relevant to your site or content. If you will closely examine the links on this post, you will gonna see they are not coming from Cashoutdecently alone, but they came from many high PR and trusted sources that are relevant to my niche 🙂

      So, make sure to link back some helpful articles, posts, sites that can support your topic – use PR checker tool!

      I visited your site and it’s great – you published awesome contents!!! Continue doing what you have started – and add link building! Search for sites that are related to your site, and find out if they accept guest bloggers – it’s one of the most working method of building your Pagerank and growing your traffic!

        • Hi Dima,

          Did you receive my free report?

          Anyway, sorry this comment was filtered on the spam folder, and I just recently saw it in there.

          To answer your question, Google has several criteria for determining related sites (I believe), but what’s most important is the content of a certain post/article you are linking into your post body.

          For example, if the site is talking about cosmetics but a particular post you are linking into your post is not about cosmetics, then it’s not worth it.

          You should understand that external links must be relevant to your topic! Yes, I believe that Google is more particular on that – relevancy of external links to your topic that can help readers to explore more about the subject you present to them.

          I hope that helps.


          • Do I look like a spammer ?! I am a loyal reader to your blog 🙂
            Thank God you read my comment, your answer worth a 1 million $ for me.
            That helps a lot , and saves my time.That means if I submit an article to a directory I should use one of my keywords as anchor text and link to a relevant post in my blog, right?
            Many thanks to you 🙂
            One more thing: I am saving every single thing I do in building links, maybe I will celebrate getting ranked 3 by Google on May ! If so, I will write a post on how: A stay at home mom managed to get her blog ranked 3 in 3 months. Will ask you to publish it, if you don’t mind 🙂

          • Hi Dima,

            You are NOT a spammer and never sounds like, I guess it’s AKISMET’s problem, but please forgive this tool (it’s helpful in many ways).

            Correct… always remember the word “relevance”… and that’s how Google will judge your external links. If you are submitting articles to directories, make sure that what you are linking is relevant to the topic you submit or ELSE put them in the author box/signature. Just like posting in your blog, link only those relevant and related topics (whether external or internal).

            Ezine won’t allow you to put self-serving links to the post body, but infobarrel does! 2 self-serving links (except for the first paragraph)! I got one approved there last morning pal!


  6. hmmmm nice sharing bro, thank you for takin info me and all new bloggers and new genration thx alot keep sharing new upcoming technology and other updates !

  7. I was quite befuddled by the topic of the discussion here at the start. I was pondering that someone actually managed to outsmart Google and its ever so potent updates. But the moment I read “quality content” as the first point how you got PR3, the picture become clear. I believe 2013 and coming year will see content management on the whole will reach a new pinnacle.

    Great views expressed here!!!

    • Hi Melissa, Google is huge, it’s the universe. For that reason no one can outsmart Google. There might be some – but it won’t last. Like the old days of black hat SEO. Now, where they are? They are gone because Google is cleansing the universe.

      In order to survive – we need to learn to adapt. We must learn the rule, we must apply it, then we can apply our creativity, somehow we can break it – however we cannot violate it… it’s confusing, but when you are in the process – you will get what I say.

      Anyway, I will be writing a new update for this one just before May (the next update) because I have learnt some more important factors for increasing PageRank the way Google like it.


      • Hi Prime,
        Eagerly waiting for you next next post!!!
        And yeah, Google is the god!!! Some might run, but they can’t hide for long. And that is the truth.

        • Hi Melissa,
          How are you Ma’am? Yes, am excited to write my new post (an update to this one)!!! I am just waiting for the month of May, and it is fast approaching! In the meantime, I already have some important ideas to add, and I’ll amend some ideas presented here too 🙂 Or shall I say, I said something here that needs more elaboration especially on how we can strategically use social networks and bookmarking sites 🙂


    • Hello Julie, yes, Ping-O-Matic is really helpful to alert the major search engines that you have new and fresh contents added into your blog…. but if you are using WordPress, pinging your content is already automated 🙂


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