Kutools for Excel – Combine Columns with Multiple Data Values

I’ve been using excel since I started bookkeeping, but I have no idea if I can combine columns in excel without losing one of its data. Well, I know it’s not possible to merge two or more columns and keep multiple data values. But a time came that I need to think outside the box when I need to merge columns in a CSV file from my client. There are 4 columns that I need to combine that time. I could do it manually, but not with a large file (as it contained 700+ rows). It would take me several hours to finish that.

Hands up! It’s time to Google!

Google never fails me! I find Kutools for Excel, and it’s free for personal use. What’s awesome, it works pretty well with Excel 2013. It’s an add-in for Excel that is free for personal use. Right now, there’s no built-in functionality on excel that would help us merge columns and keep or combine multiple data values.

Kutools for Excel Works with Excel 2013

For example, with my CSV file, I have ‘name’ for column A, ‘middle name’ for B, ‘last name’ for C. Since I need to combine those 3 columns, I need an advanced option that would help me merge columns and data values. Just to give you a hint, I have imported a file from another system to WordPress as ‘Display Name’ and should be a user complete name.

Kutools for Excel is a Must Have Add-in for Excel!

It’s a life saver. Without it, I don’t know what to do. Well, there’s another option using a simple formula, but it would be ideal in my case. If you are thinking about how to merge columns in excel without losing multiple data values – then Kutools for Excel is the right one for you! I’ve tested it for Excel and CSV files using Excel 2013.

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