Know When Your Work Is Done

All too often we as entrepreneurs get trapped in the quest for perfection. We revise and plan and revise and plan until we miss the window of opportunity to launch our new idea.

One of the most important things for a small business person to realize is when her work is done. Some things will never be complete. You may finish writing a book and then find out some more stuff after you have already published your book. You may have finished your blog post only to come up with some more stuff you should have said.

That’s the beautiful thing about digital publications. If you come up with more to say, you can always update your ebook or blog with additional content. Websites are always a work in progress. There is no such thing as a completed website.

The most important thing is to take action. Nothing happens if you don’t hit that publish button. If you make a mistake, just correct it and move on.

It won’t be the end of the world. It will give you another opportunity to talk to your audience. Don’t get paralyzed by perfectionism.

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