Know what you share on the Internet

On a previous tip I have discussed on some of the preventions you need to have before joining an online program and some of the warning flags that might tell you, you could be wasting your time or worse, being a victim of a scam.

More general, I would like to advice you with this tip what you should consider before sharing your information:

  1. Phone numbers: if you join a website or an online service that ask you to activate your account via cell phone be aware on the Terms of Services of the values they may charge you and if they have any clause that would automatically subscribe you to additional services
  2. Financial information such as your payment processors, bank account should only be provided when you are joining a site that has certain credibility. Also remember to use different passwords for these services from the ones you usually have for your email address or your other internet accounts. No respectable site will ask you by email to change your password. If you receive that type of notifications, contact your service provider first. You may be a victim of phishing.
  3. If you are joining a social network, take your time to read the chapter on privacy and what is your provider authorized to do with your information. Do not forget that even if you have adjusted your privacy configuration social networks are public by nature. Once you publish something about you and the people around you, the information can keep freely circulating through your circle of friends

3 thoughts on “Know what you share on the Internet”

  1. This is a a must tip, when you are joining any online program to protect your personal information and to avoid any possible headache in the future. Thank you for sharing this tip to us.

  2. I have been really careful in disclosing information such as you have mentioned. There are just a lot of opportunists lurking in the virtual world.


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