Keep Your Promise

One thing that a person should protect is his credibility.

It is like a treasure, once it is lost, he will also lose a lot of opportunities, a lot of chances in life, he will lose a lot of friends too. When the time come that he needs help, no one will instantly help, unless it is a matter of life and death.

The same goes true if you have debts. If you promise to pay at a certain time, be sure to keep that promise, or else you will lose that chance to borrow again should the need arise.

Even in business, once you made a promise to a customer, you should keep that promise, or else, you will lose a loyal client. It is part of business ethics, to be true to your word,  to abide by the contract or whatever was agreed upon. Say if your business involves services, be sure to finish the work on the agreed time. For sure, the customer will always return, and even advertise your quality services to other clients.


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6 thoughts on “Keep Your Promise”

  1. aren’t promises meant to be broken? If someone promises, take it into consideration that it will be broken, however, if someone gives his word it means he is not going to break it.

    My personal policy in life.. if someone told me.. PROMISE… the more I don’t believe… 80% of it will be broken.. Promise.. I swear.

    • That’s why one has to be true to his word, to save his credibility. Thanks for your comment, @mavic123456:disqus.


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