Keep Your Cool, Avoid Road Rage

There were so many  news and stories of traffic altercation that led to deaths of hot-headed drivers.

This could be prevented if drivers will keep calm, never make hasty decisions, tone down his voice, keep a low profile or low pride, think of his family if ever he gets into trouble, in jail, got injured if he engaged in a street brawl with another hot-headed driver, or the worst, die if the opponent driver had a gun and shot him.

It is not advisable for hot-tempered drivers to always carry a gun when driving.

When driving, the best policy is to adhere to defensive driving. This is so important specially when you are driving with your family or loved ones on board. Never mind to be called a coward, better be a coward and alive than be brave or bully but dead!

The most important thing, know the road rules. Nobody can bully you if you are always acting in good faith. If you keep on the the proper lane, if you obey traffic rules, if you are driving with caution and keeping your head cool and with positive disposition, you will always emerge a winner should an unfavorable incident happened on the road.

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5 thoughts on “Keep Your Cool, Avoid Road Rage”

  1. relax .. take a deep breath.. sing or pray while driving. LOL
    thanks for these tips.. many drivers here may sure get some points

    • It is really hard to have hot temper. You could easily be provoked(joke). Thanks for your comment, @disqus_ao0YjNqa2K:disqus.

  2. I try to live by the Golden Rule. Thinking how others might feel in a given situation, etc. I am sure glad my daughter doesn’t drive. She is a bad back seat driver with attitude.


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