Just My Opinion – Just Because You Are A Priest Does Not Give You The Right To Be Disrespectful

Sorry I was not able to post yesterday, I try to make at least 1-2 post per each site but the whole day there was power failure. So here I am now.

As the title says, just because you are a priest and we are supposed to honor you and respect you, it does not give you the right to disrespect others and to be grouchy always and be demanding. I am basing this from something that is happening in my town. We have a parish priest who it seems no likes really. There may be a few but it seems that hes has gotten the ire of some prominent families here.  I have been a victim of his sarcasm, his anger, his disrespect and his “I don’t care” attitude. Not that I am one of the prominent families but my mother has been serving the church for more than 30 years and my maternal grandparents and aunts and uncles are well known and respected. The parish priests are rotated every 3 or 6 years. Sometimes they are maintained in the town especially if people have requested it. Most of them assigned in my town were monsignors and well not so elderly. This was a first time in 20 years a priest took over the monsignor. But we were ok and we thought he would be good, we were wrong. He did not bother to introduce himself properly or to get to know those people who are active in church.  And it was kind of hurting and insulting when you hear him call your mother “an old lady who is a busy body getting into the properties of the church. Even though someone told him my mother has been the president of a religious group MBG or Mother Butler Guild for 20 years and was the one one who sewed most of the vestments and linens being used even the “pallo” or big canopy which is used in processions. He has even had a shouting and finger pointing with one prominent families who came home to bury their dad who also happened to be well known. Whenever confronted or asked permission he would say “so what, I still will not allow it”. I may feel sad but I am relieved some how that the Archbishop is doing something about before the town gets divided.

Now there is a movement to have him removed not only for those reasons but the fact that he had transferred all the church’s bank account to his name reasoning out that he can withdraw the money need for “church construction”. People are raising their eyebrows, my mother was the church treasurer for 15-20 years ad the accounts have all been in her name, the parish priest and the parish council president, 3 names so no one can just withdraw without the knowledge of the other.

What irks me is that another group are calling the group names, saying we will get karma. Or that we will go to hell. What is funny those who are saying that are not even here but abroad. They have not even experienced what people are experiencing. A lot of people have stopped going to church and it is a shame because we have a world heritage church. I also think some members are happy that he is being dealt with but just afraid to say it.

So just because you are a priest you can do that. Some say that they have cousins, brothers or other relatives who are priests and nuns and they are misunderstood and unappreciated. Their life is hard and they are being judge and that they are only human. I don’t comment on their wall because I don’t want to cause a rift. But here is my opinion:

I am a nurse and nurses are also unappreciated and are being shouted at by patients, doctors, supervisors. We work 8-12 and even 24 hour shifts. We deal with so many different people, sick and well. But that does not give us the right to yell back at patients or doctors or even your supervisors because you will get fired and it makes you look bad. We are not even paid well, I heard that the parish priest gets a salary of 50,000 pesos excluding what he gets from special masses and baptisms and weddings a month. We learn to be patient and learn to respect. Even if there are times we feel like giving up, we can’t because it is our vocation, our profession. A priest can not teach virtue if he himself does not live a virtuous life which is a life of humility, forgiveness and patience. ” This is quoted from someone who is also helping the cause. I think that is true

So for me whatever your profession or vocation is, you need to learn to respect others and to deal with problems properly.


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8 thoughts on “Just My Opinion – Just Because You Are A Priest Does Not Give You The Right To Be Disrespectful”

  1. That’snot so good for a parish, it could cast negative image on Catholic religion.He should be the role model in your locality.

    • he should they met with the Archbishop 3 days ago along with our mayor and some members. Now I heard he left silently in the night. problem we don’t know what happened to the bank accounts???

  2. Not only in Christianity, but in fact it does exist in almost every religion. I can say about my religion that there are clerics who think that they should be respected more and they can point out the mistakes of others very easily. The problem is who shall told him about their sins and mistakes!

    Nice share Daisy

  3. Way back If I am not mistaken 6 or 7 years ago when of our parish priest assigned in my town involved in a scandal and that was the reason why he was transferred to other place. I guess our parish priest just like what @simplewoman2:disqus said they should be the role model of honesty, simplicity, humility and clean living. And for me they should be the door of open communication if there is any misunderstanding or confusion between the parishioner and him.

  4. What can i say. they are still human beings who can still be afflicted with irritating human qualities. It’s just sad that his position in the community is respected but his actions does not warrant respect.

  5. The Priest that used to be for two different Catholic churches, recently got suspended and will probably be prosecuted in a court of law. What did he go? He sold illegal guns to minors and helped build bombs! Not perfect in this case, is an understatement.

    On the other hand, I think nothing but the BEST of nurses, while in a hospital, they are angels 🙂


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