Jumpstart Your Weight Loss With A Detox Program

When it comes to losing weight, we have had one fact drilled into our heads – that healthy eating is the best option. While healthy eating and exercising are great for shedding the extra pounds, they’re not the only option. How about detoxing? A detox program might just be the perfect way to get your weight loss off to a good start.

Regarding detoxes, there seems to be plenty of horror stories floating about. We’ve all heard the rumors that a friend of a friend ended up in hospital after doing a detox, but the truth is, we shouldn’t listen to them. (They’re just rumors, after all.) Yes, it’s important to be careful about the type of program that you follow. However, as long as you pick a product from a reputable brand, such as from UHN, you shouldn’t have any problems.

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Many of us struggle to get our weight loss journeys off to a good start, losing motivation. Studies have shown that by following a set program, such as a detox, you are more likely to stick to your diet in the long run. This is down to two reasons; one because you’ve paid for it, and two because you want to see if it actually, works.

Still not convinced to jumpstart your weight loss with a detox program? Here’s our guide to all the reasons you should give detoxing a try.

You’ll lose weight

While most detox programs aren’t sold as weight loss plans, the side effect of them is weight loss. This is because how the products cleanse the body leads to any unused fat and retained water being got rid of.

The good thing about detox programs is the fact that you tend to lose a good amount of weight in just a few days. This is ideal for getting your weight loss off to a good start, as well as getting you into a routine of opting for healthy choices.

Have more energy

As detoxes require you to cut out all sugars, fats, and caffeinated products, as well as alcohol, you’ll feel healthier. By filling your body with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, your energy levels will rise.

Having more energy is crucial for successful weight loss, as to shed those pounds, you need to be as active as possible. If you feel sluggish and lethargic, you’ll find sticking to your exercise regime difficult. However, if you have lots of energy, thanks to your detox, you’ll be much happier to go for that early morning run.

Promotes a healthy lifestyle

Changing your ways for good is never easy, but by doing a detox you can make it easier. Invest in a detox and use it to mark the end of your unhealthy ways, and the start of your healthy lifestyle. The great thing about these types of programs is also that they help you to kill those cravings and stay motivated, no matter what.

Many people say that after a detox, you pile on all the weight you lost and more. However, if you stick to being healthy – eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies, you’ll keep the weight off, and hopefully, lose even more.

To give your weight loss journey a boost, doing a detox program is ideal.

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