Jobseekers’ Best Sites to Look for a Job

It’s not enough to post a profile in oDesk or Freelancer. You have to bid for the jobs. Sometimes, you can get a good job. Other times, you can’t get one because the pay or the rate just keeps getting lower and lower in a bidding war against other writers. So, the question is, where else can you find online work?

Aside from signing up to Elance and, you can go to sites that host job boards where you can contact the company directly. Which sites are these? I’m sure Craigslist is familiar to most of us, but it’s not always a safe site. There are many that might scam you. So here are sites where you can see job postings. These sites have a good reputation for their postings.


This site has such a a big listing of jobs, on online writing. It lists the from the most recent job ad. The site also lists jobs from elance, odesk, and other paid writing gigs. The most comprehensive one is the “Online Writing Jobs” and the “Paid Online Writing Gigs”, but the latter is usually by specific institutions or organizations looking for freelance writers.


What’s great about is that it has tabs you can choose for more specific job listings: “Non-Craigslist Jobs”, “Home-Based Editors”, and “Telecommuting” among others.


ProBlogger usually look for tech-savvy bloggers, but there are other job ads for editors, game developer/bloggers, etc.


This site only posts “call for submission” listings in their Writer’s Markets and hiring jobs in Jobs. You can look for freelance jobs or magazines that accept submissions.


This is a bit like ProBlogger that lists different kinds of online jobs. It also has stuff like “How to Pitch” articles for magazine submissions or guest posts. Mots of their regular job postings are for part-time or full-time in specific locations, but they have a freelance marketplace where you can put up a profile, but there’s a fee per month.


This one is like odesk and freelancer. You have to sign up and put up a profile to get apply for a  job. What’s great about Remote Staff is that they have a very professional approach to the jobseekers and employers. This one, though, is largely for those looking for full-time or part-time online jobs. The site has good guidelines and you can be sure that there are no scams here.

7. is like RemoteStaff. You have to set up a profile and your work will be tracked to make sure that you’re doing your work on the schedule that you and your employer have set. Both RemoteStaff and Staff require good or stable internet connection, though, since you will be paid an hourly rate.

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