Job Hunting Part 2: Jobs Online… Search… click… upload. click… wait… You are hired

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Another way of finding a job is by online, oh well, this might be the most popular ways now.  This is global so everybody can use this to apply for a job.

What is job online?

Job online are usually found in sites offering job offers to the internet users.  Don’t be misconstrued that these are just job offers for overseas employment only.   In the Philippines there are some sites that offer even for local employment example is, and government’s site (there are still some other sites).  For other countries, I am sure you have your own version of these kinds of sites, too.





Finding job using these sites are very easy, all you need to do are…

  • Search for your prefer job (click)
  • Upload all the requirements (examples, resume, photo, copies of transcript of records) then.. click…. and…… wait.
  • Wait for the reply from the company where you applied whether you qualify for the position and further steps should be done such as interview and submission of other documents needed, whether in person or via skype (if abroad).
  • Apply to as many companies as you can.  Anyway, all you have to do is click and upload your credentials.   The more companies the more chances of getting hired.   If one or two companies, reject your application, you still have other companies to look forward to.   If they respond positively, the merrier, because all you need to do is weigh in the best one.


Applying on line is so easy, it is just a matter of clicks, however, the authenticity of the companies here are a bit hazy.  So please be reminded of the following and be cautious.

  • If the offer is too good to be true, like high salary, free housing etc, etc.   Think twice, most probably this is a fake and scam.
  • If the company asks if you have a credit card or ask for a bank account number, clear your cookies and never reply again for sure it is a scam.
  • If the company asks you to sign up for something not in PDF format, just on line, have a second thought.
  • If the company asks you to recommend someone who might want a job, again, clear  your cookies and never reply, this is surely a network job.
  • Scam artists are all over the cyber space, so if there is something odd to the job offer or benefits, try to search the net and see if there are some reports or similar situations like yours.

Jobs offer online are OK especially if they are registered to government’s site or the sites I just mentioned above.  However, for safety and to get away from scam artist be cautious and be alert.

Search, click, upload, click and wait… and be hired!

Happy job hunting..

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  1. Ha! So here you are. I’ve been looking for you. 🙂 And I see you have more good tips for everyone. Very important to have tips that can be helpful in finding a job online. Hmm..I think I should go read part one. haha 🙂

    • I did my morning routine, gardening, then clean a little and take a bath. I have to post this, my vacation will soon be over. hahaha yes you can look a job online… who knows.

      • Keeping yourself busy as usual. But I guess you’ll be even busier this time next week. Will you still have time for us?

        • Yes, now the garden is finish, just waiting for the plants to grow… and I even planted some grass.. hahaha..

          i am not sure, I hope I will still have time next week but I always use the computer, so maybe i can sneak for a few minutes.

          • So now you can just sit back and wait to see the results of your hard work. And once the grass grows you can lay around in it and work on your tan. hahaha

            Sure, you can squeeze in a few minutes to come by and check out what’s going on. :-).

          • lol.. a good idea.. with the snakes, beside me? or lizard… wow… that’s exciting…

            I am excited more on the vegetables. hahaha

            naah I don’t think I will be very busy..

          • Snakes for company? Sure, why not. They like to lay in the sun too. And cute little lizards – see, when I think of lizards I picture the little salamanders we have here. But they’re in the woods and you hardly ever see them. Where you are, hmm, I think the lizards might be a little bigger. hahaha

            Do snakes like vegetables? You could share with them. 🙂 And good that you won’t be too busy. More time to share tips.

          • I am at the meeting right now … Hahahahaa since I can’t understand them I can be here for awhile although my pad might run out of battery.

          • I hope you’re not still at the meeting. hahaha Sorry I wasn’t here to keep you from being bored. But you know I have to sleep once in a while. haha 🙂

          • i know.. it is just fine, sleep please you needed it..

            anyway the meeting was very productive since I just spent time here.. and able to reply to some comments and tips.

    • Thanks for reading, I am hopeful that new graduates will be able to get something for this and hopeful that they will find reputable jobs.


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